COAL TOWNSHIP - Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School received the following honors and memorials during November and December.

In honor of

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sandri from Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lentz.

In memory of

Mr. and Mrs. William Balchunas from Bill Balchunas.

Mae Barron from John and Joanne McKay.

Steven Billas from Mary Carole Starke.

Victor F. Bogetti from Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lentz.

Robert J. and Helen M. Brennan from Thomas D. Brennan.

Marguerite Menapace Budick from James (Jip) and Betty Menapace.

Catino and Picaralli families from Gloria Catino.

Marie and Dominic Ciocco from Mrs. Alberta (Ciocco) Politi.

Nicholas and Martha D'Amico from Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D'Amico.

Stephanie Dennis from Mary Carole Starke.

Rose DiRienzo from Marian R. Myers.

Edward and Jacqueline Dobeck from Jeffrey and Kimberly Dobeck.

Nellie A. Dombroski from Howard and Theresa Sandri.

Robert L. Ecker Sr. from Joan D. Ecker.

Phillip R. Fetzko from Ann and John Benedict, Donna Mordan, Barbara Yuricich, MaryAnne Fetzko Jayman.

Daniel Fox from Betty Gilger and family.

Lottie and Francis Gekoskie from Cecilia Kress (daughter).

Robert E. Gruneberg from Mr. and Mrs. Gene Garancheski

Emily Hornberger from Mrs. Helen Nolter.

William Janovich from Mike and Jane Klembara.

Adolph (Sonny) Jasper from Jack and Jody Bender, Roberta Jasper and family.

Tony and Marie Kalinowski from Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kalinowski.

Juba Kerster from Helen M. Winhofer.

Francis (Frank) Kress from Cecilia Kress (wife).

Charles W. LaCross from Sarah Kanaskie, Vincent LaCross, Elizabeth Joseph.

Alice and Clarence Lauer from Paddy Lauer.

Judy Lentini from Peter Lentini.

Sara L. Liccardi from Carmine Liccardi.

Linda Makowski from Vincent and Genevieve Makowski.

Dorothy Marshalek from Connie Fabrizio.

Eleanor N. Mihal from Dr. Victor Mihal, John and Joanne McKay, Richard and Ann Weikel, Denise Yermalovich.

Christy Mirack from Donald and Marian Myers.

Joseph J. Mirack from Irene M. Mirack.

Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Miskiel from Jacqueline Dunham.

Francis Moran from Terri (Moran) Shipe.

William and Marilyn Murdock from the Kalinoski family.

Audrey Olvany from Helen M. Winhofer, Larry and Dot Morata.

Kyle Orth from Howard and Theresa Sandri, Alice O'Donnell.

Helen Osheskie from Gloria Bongarzone.

Anna Pawlicki from Ann and John Benedict, Howard and Theresa Sandri.

Theodore Pedergnana from Ida Pedergnana Reilly.

Edward Polites, Christmas memorial from Judy and family.

Ted Prenkowski from Lillian Malinoski Brecher.

Paul Pupo from R.J. Prego.

Joseph E. Purcell from Nancy (Boylan) Kerris, Knights of Columbus 628, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fleming.

Deacon Charles H. Rebuck from Bill and Donna Troutman.

Carl and Mary Reidinger from Ann M. Bittner.

John "Jack" Reiprish from Walter Luberecki, Mike and Jane Klembara, Audrey and Gerald Mroz, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Leeman and children, Andrew and Alivia, Andrew and Ann Marie Slodysko, James Holland and family.

Mary E. Rosini from Michelene and Pete Rhodes.

Victor Ronald Rosini from John and Mary Teresa Ryniak.

Ann and Ralph Rovito from Annette Rovito.

John J. Ruback Jr. from Patricia Crone-Zaliniski and Lewis Crone.

John Sandri Sr. from Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lentz.

Jon Sandri III from Ann and John Benedict, Howard and Theresa Sandri, Kenneth F. Sandri, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lentz.

Jeannine Scandle from Mr. and Mrs. James Scandle.

Rev. Charles R. Slough from Breanna Bradley Echelmeier.

Bill Smith from Mary Jane Toccket.

Leonard J. Staudenmeier from Mary Ann Balonis.

Marion E. Suchanick from Michael A. Suchanick.

Benjamin Terry from Don and Sharon (Mulhall) Betz.

Joseph F. Tracey from Bernard C. Snyder.

Richard Urick from Donna and Dan Miscavige.

Emma Walsh from Mary Ann Barrett and family, James L. Walsh.

Diane White from Ann Weikel.

Michelle Witt from Jennifer Kalinowski.

Joyce Wojciechowski from Jessica Kalinowski.

Catherine Yuricich from Rita (Yuricich) Greim.

Dominic Yuricich from Rita (Yuricich) Greim.

Martin Zelones from Ann and John Benedict, Howard and Theresa Sandri.