Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School

COAL TOWNSHIP - The following memorials have been listed for Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School for the months of September and October.

Jean Laskoski from Maria and Gloria Malunis, Sandra Hause.

Rosemarie Picarelli from Mr. and Mrs. Carl Horsfield, Joseph and Justine Picarelli, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Richardson, Barry Lentz, Adolph and Roberta Jasper, Bob and Kathy Wislock, Christine Kaplan, Diane and John Fabrizio, Theodore and Jacqueline Matlow, John and Joanne McKay, Gloria Catino, Anna Robles, Lorraine Fallat, Gloria Treese, Lucy Surak, Clara Newell-Maxwell, Helen Petruskevich, Dorothy Yasenshak, Thomas Fallat.

Helen Christiano from Don and Marian Myers, Don and Shannon Myers, Richard and Eleanor DiRienzio, Larry and Liz D'Angelo, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bartol, Elaine and Greg Komara, Antoinette Bach, John and Joanne McKay, Barry Lentz, Greg and Sue Fabrizio, the Northumberland County Democratic Party, Adele and John Marinari, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Prusch, Margaret Rosini, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reiprish, Rose Dougherty, Dennis and Barb Reiprish, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Christiano, Louise Kirby, Frances and Dennis Filarski, Carl DeChellis, Chesteria Purcell, Kelley Funeral Home, Howard and Theresa Sandri, Barbara Yuricich, Mr. and Mrs. David Komara.

George Spurr from Judy Polites, Larry and Dot Morata, Alice O'Donnell.

Loretta Snyder from Rita, Michael and Cody Nolter, Ann Madison, Lee Ann Smith, Alice O'Donnell.

Walter Wronoski from Ann and John Benedict, Howard and Theresa Sandri, Mary Altomare, Mr. and Mrs. John Reiprish and family, Doc and Tootsie Sieklicki, Mary, Mark and Allison Labanoski.

Norman Hertzog from Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gilger.

Thelma Kane from Mary Ann Balonis.

Diane Kehler from Mary Ann Kehler.

Walter Tloczynski from Howard and Theresa Sandri, Ann and John Benedict, Knights of Columbus Council 628.

Helen Olsheskie from Gloria Bongarzone.

Dr. Nicholas Spock from The Sandy Run Camp, Mr. and Mrs. David Talisesky.

Stanley Shervinskie from Howard and Theresa Sandri.

August Witowski from Howard and Theresa Sandri.

Ed Scicchitano from Knights of Columbus Council 628, Mary Altomare.

Alice M. Concini from Bob and Brenda Balonis, Mary Ann Balonis.

William Kelley from Patricia Brennan, Maureen Bartels, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Reed, Jim Flanagan, Marian and Chet Stesney, Jane Loeper, Barbara Lizzul, Kelly and Julian Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurster and Connie Fabrizio.

Justin James from Ellen Whalen,

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kleman Sr. from Ellen Whalen.

Mary Ann Pitcavage from Ellen Whalen.

Vincent Kleman Jr. from Ellen Whalen.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kleman Sr. from Ellen Whalen.

Honey Whalen from Ellen Whalen.

Lou Sandri from Barry Lentz.

Eileen Gnall from Lou and Mary Mulhall.

Cecilia Ostrowski from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ecker.

Marie Belisle from Loretta Zevetski.

William Rovito from Tony and Mary Jo Sanks, Sue Whitney, Patrick Flynn and family, Leo and Mary Mulhall, Joanie Yuricich, OLOL Class of 1969, Doyle and Anita Tarwater, Lee and Linda Brennan, Modern Techonology Solutions, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurster, Donald and Deborah Brodine, Marsha Paupa, Mary and James Sternweis, Margaret and Ed Barber, Ron and Ann Prusch, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fleming, UPMC Centers for Rehab Services, Neuro Vestibular Outpatient Program.

Richard Battista from Larry and Dot Morata.

Dave Maloney from Michael Reiprish, Mr. and Mrs. John Reiprish and Chris, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reiprish and family, Dennis and Barb Reiprish, Leo and Mary Mulhall, John and Joanne McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurster, Barry Lentz, Susan and Joe Varano, Don and Sharon Betz and family, Ann and John Benedict, Richard and Ann Weikel and family, Sally Kanaskie, Bob and Beth Rovito.

Donna Ann Ondrasik from Alice O'Donnell.

Chester W. "Jake" Collier from Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lentz.

John Shields from John and Sharon Betz and family.

Lucille Slogget from Howard and Theresa Sandri.

David Ferrence from Susan and Joseph Koveleski.

Catherine Buzzie from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurster, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lentz, Richard and Ann Weikel, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fleming, Howard and Theresa Sandri.