MOUNT CARMEL - The Mount Carmel Area Public Library is grateful for the following donations received in July, the most important and basic source of income for the library.

In honor of

Helen Daniels birthday July 16 from Dolores and Hank.

Birthday memorial

Karl L. Schu 85th birthday from Nancy.

Harold Smith July 10 from wife, Dolly.

In memory of

John Bolich from Jeff and Chris Kanezo; Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family.

Dianne (Witt) Broskey from John and Mary Mazurkevich.

Marie Butkiewicz, Ann Butkiewicz Keeler and June Shutt from Lamar and Marie Dimm.

Anna Shukitt Coffey from The Purin Girls - Loretta, Marylou, Carol and Jeannie.

Katherine B. Danisevich from Jim and Gingie Britton; Bill McAndrew and Lisa D'Amico; John and Mary Mazurkevich; Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn; Stella Rossi; Shawn and Rita (Rossi) Swartz.

Catherine C. DePaulis from Marilyn W. Kanezo; Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family.

Joseph "Jazz" Diminick from Carolann Baskera and Thomas Bator; Miriam Berezovske; Nancy Berezovske and Ann Watkins and family; Jim and Gingie Britton; Stella Chesney; Phil and Elaine Gergen; the Kanezo family; Joseph and Marie Kobi and family; Betty Menapace; Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn; Scott and Cookie Oskoskie; Helen Pavis and family; Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family; David and Anne Pizzoli; Gloria Radzai; Catherine Reed; Nancy L. Schu; Reynold and Patty Scicchitano; Melanie Wengrenovich; Mount Carmel Area Educators Association.

Robert B. Fanella from Deb Matulewicz; Melanie Williams.

Margaret Franks from Jim and Helene Boylan.

Mary Jane G. Gallagher and Joe Gallagher from Goldberg, Miller and Rubin P.C. Attorneys at Law; Staff of the Office of General Counsel at Einstein Healthcare Network.

Marguerite Ginck from Louise and Dale Albright and family; Donna Honicker and family; Cindy and Nick Goretski and family; Stella Rossi; Stella and John Shuda.

Joan and Louie Girolami from Joe and Barb Hajcak; Mary Anne Leskusky.

Raymond Hodrick from Jack and Elaine Kuzo; Joe Kuzo and family; Helen Pavis and family.

Holly Kirchoff from Kathleen Honicker.

Robert Knock from the Altomare family; Bob and Debbie Martin.

Cecelia Kowaleski from Louis and Ruth Swatski.

Eleanor Kowaleski (Miss Ellie) from Frances Frederick; Louis and Ruth Swatski.

Rosalie "Dolly" Kuzo from the Altomare family; Robert E. Kowaleski; Ellen and Joe Pasterski.

Helen McAndrew from Jeff Kanezo; Joe Kuzo and family; John and Mary Mazurkevich; Dolly Smith.

Clem J. Macavage from Mount Carmel Area Class of 1959.

Mary Ellen Murray from Jim and Gingie Britton; Jim Darrup; Ray and Carol Dettrey; Gilly Elgin; the Kanezo family; Martha J. Klaus; Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn; Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family; John Sullivan; Dorothy Taylor; Mount Carmel Catholic High School Class of 1957.

Richard Poskay from Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family.

Reynolds Rhoades from Jim Darrup.

Margaret M. Sgro from Jeff Kanezo.

Alexander Shedlinski from Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Katch; John and Mary Mazurkevich.

Matthew Shingara Sr. from Jim Darrup.

Joan M. Simmons from Carl and Lorraine Horsfield.

Clifford "Kiki" Snyder from Bill and Helen Danisevich.

Susan Snyder from Jim Darrup.

Mary Tana from Dolores and Hank.

The Mount Carmel Area Public Library would like to recognize the Alexander Youth Fund through the First Community Foundation Partnership of PA for their donation of monies for two new computers. We are truly grateful. Thank you.