MOUNT CARMEL - The Mount Carmel Area Public Library is grateful for the following donations. Public donations have always been the most basic and important source of income for library.

Good wishes

For George Winnick's health by Mary Lapotsky.

Birthday memorials

Michael Buhay from Aunt Peg.

Kym Chapman from Mom, Peggy.

Donna Phillips (birthday Sept. 16) from Mary Lapotsky.

Donna Moyer Vinskie (birthday Oct. 7) from Mary Lapotsky.

Lisa Covas Wasilewski from Mom.

In memory of

Olga P. Bartko from Melanie Wengrenovich and Mike Terrizzi.

Helen Biggis from Catherine Bolesta.

Judy Bohner from Jim Darrup.

John Bolick from Prezlomski family.

Rev. James A. Bramer from Gayle and Tom Pivarnik and family.

Catherine Brandt from Catherine Bolesta.

Deceased league members from Mount Carmel Elks Bowling League.

Deceased members of the Mount Carmel Class of '69 from members of the Mount Carmel Class of '69.

Colleen deManicor from Tony and Mary Andrade, Jim Darrup, Carol and Michael Joraskie, Mike and Debbie Kalta, Amy Lizza, Cathy Martinez and children, Ted and Jackie Matlow, Laurie Weissinger, Linda Weissinger, co-workers of Jason at the Harrisburg field office and SIRC; co-workers of brother, Richard Burns, at Geisinger Medical Center, OMHSAS Scranton field office.

Catherine DePaulis from Agnes Adams and family.

Joe "Jazz" Diminick from Phil and Pat Augustine, Pete and Valerie Pachuski.

Ray Hodrick from the Ed Olbrish family.

Michael "Mickey" Katch from Joseph, Carol, Joseph and James D'Amico, Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn, Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family, David and Anne Pizzoli, Jerry Scisly, Mount Carmel Catholic High School Class of 1957.

Tonya Kehler from Joe and Tammie Matulewicz, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pitcavage, Mike, Cathy and Michael Pizzoli.

John E. Kosoloski from Philip Gergen.

Aaron M. Leshko from Williams family.

Virginia B. Lindenmuth from Phil and Pat Augustine, Rita Criniti, Carl and Lorraine Horsfield, John, Virginia and Don James, Tom and Mary Jane Joraskie, Gloria Klemas, Joe and Tammie Matulewicz, Bill and Charlotte Merlavage and family, Helen Pavis and family, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pitcavage.

Daniel Malakoski from Kim Bartos, Missy Derr, Diane and Sonny Olbrish and family.

Mary Ellen Murray from Phil and Pat Augustine.

Mildred Palembas from Jeannie and Keith Krise, Marie Parkansky and family, neighbors.

Laura Scott-Pfeil from Mount Carmel Joint High School Class of 1955.

Nellie Remetta from Catherine Bolesta, Gen Zarkoskie, Boy Scout Troop 174.

Chester E. Roney from Jim Darrup, Carl and Lorraine Horsfield, Robert and Brenda Taylor.

Joan M. Simmons from Bill and Helen Danisevich.

Merle Slotterback from Mount Carmel Joint High School Class of 1955.

Ralph and Wanda Smith from Roger W. and Jean A. Smith.

Samuel Stahl from Jim Darrup.

James O. Thomas from Donald, Joan and Robert Hildenbrand, Christopher, Dawn, Chris and Ian Kanezo, Kevin, Cheryl and Tyler Kwiatkowski, Michael, Charisse and Mack Moratelli, Bryan and Shauna Polifka.

Genevieve R. Zulick from Mike, Cathy and Michael Pizzoli.