MOUNT CARMEL - The Mount Carmel Area Public Library expressed gratitude for the following donations.

These donations have always been the most important source of income for the Mount Carmel Area Public Library. The library would also appreciate if donations would be made towards the 2014 fund drive.

In honor of

Mildred Dondero's 90th birthday June 3 from Mary Hirsch.

Father's Day memorial

Joseph Guzevich from daughter, Irene Casari.

Memorial Day remembrance

John M. Kanezo from Kanezo family.

Rita M. Monahan from Kanezo family.

Marie M. Ward from Kanezo family.

Anniversary memorial

Anthony "Red" Miscavige from his children and their spouses, Danny and Donna, Tony and Joanna, Gerard and Karen and Maria and Richard.

In memory of

Thomas A. Albert from Cathy Martinez.

John H Artman Class of '60 shipmate from Thomas M. and Gayle Pivarnik and family.

Diane Danielle (Witt) Broskey from Gerald Criniti; Melanie Wengrenovich and Mike Terrizzi.

J. William Coddington Sr. from Anthracite Steam Fire Co. No. 1.

Deceased members of Mount Carmel Joint High School Class of 1956 from Mount Carmel Joint High School Class of 1956.

JoAnn M. Diak DiRienzo from Rich and Eleanor DiRienzo, Don and Marian Myers, Don and Shannon Myers,; MCA Class of '59.

Rochelle DiRienzo from Mom and Dad, Cindy and Marty.

Robert Fanella from Pat Bartos, Joseph and Jane D'Amico, Lisa D'Amico and Bill McAndrew, Bob and Suzanne Menapace, Helen Pavis and family, Helen Petruskevich, Verne Shierant,; Gen Zarkoskie.

Ben Frank from Helene and Jim Boylan.

Joline and Glenn Frasch from daughter, Nile.

Annette Galitski from Mr. and Mrs. James Bush, Diane and Ron Sokol.

Mary Jane Gallagher from Mary Janet Rudisill.

Joan Giralami from Fritz and Ellie O'Hearn, Joe and Dolores Tomtishen, Jack and Marilyn Williams, sons and families.

Louis and Joan Girolami from Marie and Bill Joraskie.

Mary Klingerman from Debbie and Charlie Barilla and Marcia Gonder, John and Mary Mazurkevich, Mary M. Rudisill, Dennis and Margaret Scicchitano, Mark and Karen Steck and sons.

Dorothy Kort from Helene and Jim Boylan.

Eleanor E. Kowaleski from Melanie Wengrenovich.

Robert A "Bob" Krah from Cathy and Kim Martinez, Anthracite Steam Fire Co. No. 1.

June Kutchen from Pete and Valerie Pachuski.

Rosalie A. Kuzo from Michael and Ida Balichick, Helen Pavis, Clara Shuda and family.

Helen McAndrew from Jim and Betty Jean Bush, Rita and Jerry Criniti, Tom and Mary Jane Joraskie, Bill McAndrew and Lisa D'Amico, Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family, Joanne Templin, Richard Zinda.

Clem Macavage from Virginia and John James and family.

Mary E. Mikulanis from Rita and Karen Alekseyko.

Concetta Morgan from Joseph and Carol D'Amico, Jeff Kanezo, Joe and Tammie Matulewicz Sr, Helen Pavis.

Stu Nash from Jeannie and Keith Krise.

Louise Nestico from Pete and Valerie Pachuski.

Edward "Bucksy" Reilly from wife, Jeannie and daughter, Judy; Irene Casari, Joseph Liptock and Martha Grabowski, Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn, Jeanette Roscoe.

Dr. David Revak from Kimberly and Gary Zetts.

Charles Rothermel from Jim Darrup.

Charles Rusin from Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family.

Michael Sheridan from Williams family.

Henry Wayne from Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn.

Robert "Tag" Welker from Sylvia and Annie.

Mary Zuech from Kanezo family.