Mount Carmel Area Public Library

MOUNT CARMEL - The Mount Carmel Area Public Library is grateful for the following donations, the most basic and important source of income to the library.

In honor of:

Wendy Marshall from Mary Anne Leskusky.

Birthday memorial

Tacy Boyle from Frank and Joann Zyskoski.

Dorothy Guzevich from daughter Irene Casari.

Leona Karwacki from Marie and Frank Crawford.

Sylvia Pizzoli and Leonard Sosnoski from Sylvia, Cathy, Len and Jack.

Robert "Tag" Welker from Sylvia and Annie

In memory of:

Nick Amato from Bill and Pat Augustine.

Mary Angeli from Ray and Mary Theresa Hornberger.

Marilyn Barella from Joe and Irene Pupo.

Edward Bartos from Pat Bartos and family.

Dorothy Benfield from Mary Lapotsky.

William Brinker from Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family.

Robert J. "Bob" Chuprinski from John Bush; Marie and Frank Crawford; Mr. and Mrs. Saverio Feudale and family; Phil and Donna Klaus; Robert W. Lapinski and sons; Gerard and Karen Miscavige; Frank and Rose Pecaitis; Bob Sacavage; Richard and JoAnn Sassani; Jerry Scisly; James Trione and family; Bill Wagner; Mount Carmel Area Class of 1970.

Joe Costa from Bob Sacavage.

Charles Dusendschine from Cathy Martinez; Maria Scicchitano; John and Carol Strocko; Frank and Virginia Varano; Linda Weissinger.

Shirley Elliot from Jim Darrup.

George Feddock from Mount Carmel High School Class of '59.

Florence M. Frye from Fritz and Ellie O'Hearn; Clara Shuda; John and Stella Shuda.

Dorothy Guzevich from daughter Irene Casari.

Cathy Hancock from Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn.

Gloria Heil from Bob and Suzanne Menapace.

Ida and Joseph Horan and Jean and William Stein from Judy Stein Horan and Joseph Horan.

Emily Hornberger from Mary Lapotsky; Class of 1944 Hubert Eicker High School, Centralia.

Alfred Hummel from Mount Carmel High School Class of 1950.

Angelo Konstas from Melanie Wengrenovich.

Francis V. Kwiatkowski from Helene and Jim Boylan; Jim and Gingie Britton; Jim Darrup; Claire and Bill Dunn; Leo and Joan Ferrari; Marilyn and Jeff Kanezo; John Lindenmuth Jr.; Joe and Millie McDonnell; John and Mary Mazurkevich; Dennis and Margaret Scicchitano; Reynold and Patty Scicchitano.

Robert J. McSurdy Jr. from John and Stella Shuda; John and Carol Strocko; Bill Wagner.

Robert Majikas from Mary Anne Leskusky.

David Monroig from Dave Sawicki.

Rose Ann Nagy from Joy and Robin Berry; Fritz and Eleanor O'Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. Marty Puchalski and family.

Leon D. Nark from Trina and John Leshinski; Ted and Jackie Matlow; Gerard and Karen Miscavige; Bob Sacavage.

Mark Porter Jr. from Jim and Gingie Britton; Deb Beierschmitt; Academy Sports Center; ACT.

Helen Powell from Michael and Ida Balichik; Jim Darrup.

Frank Purcell from Jim Darrup.

Gerald F. Radzai from Mary Altomare; Bill and Pat Augustine; Jim Darrup; Carl and Lorraine Horsfield; Ruth Rimokaitis and family; Cathy Welker.

Joseph Reed from Michael and Ida Balichik; Jim Darrup; Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pesarchick and boys.

John Ruginis Jr. from Joy Berry and family; Marie and Bill Joraskie; Chris McLaughlin and Norm Williams; Bob Sacavage; Stella and John Shuda; Anthracite Steam Fire Co No. 1.

Jane K. Getz Schoudt from Mount Carmel Area High School Class of '59.

Caroline Scicchitano from Joe and Elaine Bartol and daughters; Deb Beierschmitt; Gloria Catino; Tina Farrell; Joe and Millie McDonnell; Linda DeLuca Russo and Carmella DeLuca Breen; Maria Scicchitano; John and Carol Strocko; Tim and Louanne Walsh; ACT; Mount Carmel Area High School Cafeteria.

Caroline Scicchitano from Marie Concetta.

Robert Sewell from Mount Carmel Catholic High School Class of 1957.

John F. Shimock Jr. from Frank and Mary Bach; Marie and Frank Crawford; Bill and Nancy Joraskie and sons; Joe and Millie McDonnell; Bob and Suzanne Menapace; Gerard and Karen Miscavige.

Betty Wargo from Richard Zinda.

Bernard Yasenchak from Joy Berry.

I Grew Up in Mount Carmel Facebook donations

Susan Haney; Joan Kurek, Tina Novak and Norm Purcell, Joseph Gard and Nancy Berezovske.