Mount Carmel Area Public Library

MOUNT CARMEL - The Mount Carmel Area Public Library has received the following donations, its most important and basic source of funds.

In Honor Of

Bruno Leonardi's 100th Birthday from Vince and Janet Yuskoski.

Christmas Memorial

Kymber Chapman from mom Peggy.

Duni and Criniti families from Rita.

Krista (Mazurkevich) Fracalossi from nieces Jillian and Courtney and nephews Jonathan, Stephen and Derek.

William and Dot Ondo from daughter Dian.

Ira, Sylvia and Alan Stine from Nancy and Joe.

Birthday Memorial

Bernie Cannon from sisters Corinne and Ann.

Charles Hirsch (Dec 19th) from wife Mary.

In Memory Of

Harold Aurand from Esther J. Maurer.

Michael Buhay from Aunt Peg.

Maria Dorothy (Zsido) Chapel from Diane (Kessler) Allen Fest; Blaine and Joyce Kessler and family.

Thomas Chase from Chet, Ann and Lisa Gard.

Dorothy Clevenstine from Frank and Virginia Varano.

Alice Concini from Lois J. Clark.

Cecelia Dorkoski from Dolores and Hank Wotkielewicz.

Francis "Fritz" Joraskie from Jim Kealy; Gloria Klemas; John R. Lindenmuth Jr.; Russ and Virginia Lindenmuth; Mary M. Rudisill; Ann and Sam Spears; Faye Valencik.

Mary "Mecca" Kandrot from Joe, John and Maria Bressi; Melanie Wengrenovich.

Kulpmont Class of 1949 Deceased Members from Dolores Wotkielewicz.

Michael Lapotsky from wife Mary.

Jean Laskoski from Chet, Ann and Lisa Gard.

Winifred Mestlin from Albert and Ann Mann.

Donna Vinski Moyer from Baba Lapotsky.

Donna Murray from Joe and Tammie Matulewicz Sr.; Dian Ondo; Faye Valencik.

Bernadine "Jean" Petruskevich from Joe and Carole D'Amico; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Flaim; Bill and Joanne Ford; Wally and Bonnie Janusz; Julie Morrison; Fritz and Ellie O'Hearn; Helen Pavis; Helen Petruskevich; Mary Schu and Tom Rusnak family; Susan Shay and Al Riedel; officers and employees of The Union National Bank of Mount Carmel.

Paul J. Saukaitis from Mary Altomare; Paul, Judy, and Jean Bartko; Jim Darrup; Sylvia Hynoski; Diane (Kessler) Allen Fest; Blaine and Joyce Kessler; Ray and Ellie Latorre; Joe and Tammie Matulewicz Sr.; Cookie Ososkie; Viola Pinamonti and family; Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family; Dave and Joann Shinskie.

Helen C. Skorski from Mary Anne Leskusky; Marilyn and Jack Williams.

Joseph Thornton from Leon and Mary Kay Polites.

Robert A. Veach from Mary Altomare; Paul and Judy Bartko; Jim and Gingie Britton; Irene Casari; Phil and Elaine Gergen; Sylvia Hynoski; the Kanezo family; Joe and Tammie Matulewicz; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Morgan Jr.; Julie Morrison; David and Mary Lou Podobinski; Viola Pinamonti; Reynold and Patty Scicchitano; Dave and Joann Shinskie; Richard Zinda.

Margaret Wasileski from Betty and Chuck Souders.

Geri Whipple from John and Elizabeth Kramer.

A generous donation was made to the library by the Mount Carmel Borough 150th Anniversary Committee for which library officials are very grateful.