The following memorials have been presented to Divine Redeemer Church, Mount Carmel, during February 2014.

In memory of:

Olga Guarna from Jack and Toni; Mark.

Florence Frye from Gloria Tresca.

Lisa Druckenmiller from Sam and Ann Spears; Martha Meredith.

Irene V. Wydila from Lorraine Klimowicz; Rose Polifka; Don and Marianne Millard; Sherry Karpinski; Dan and Nancy Kerris; Diane and Sarah Kerris-Fazio; Ted and Jackie Matlow; Dorothy Cooper; Ramona Cambria; Helen Pavis; Rich, Mary, Jonathan and Sarah Novack; Knoebel Families.

John W. Deromedi from John and Sandy Bradley; Ray, Mary Ann and Amanda Bartosic; Bob and Louise Drumheiser; Wally, Anne and Megan McAndrew; Martha Meredith; Sam and Ann Spears; Ronald Coleman; Rita M. Pizzoli; Gloria Kwiatkowski.

Jerome J. Andrukanis from Daniel Rossi.

Deceased members of the Steve Thurick family from Ramona Cambria.

Deceased members of the Louis Cambria family from Ramona Cambria.

Anthony S. Procopio from Ramona Cambria.

Richard Sninski from Bob and Barb Whispell.

Birthday memorial

John Cichon Sr. (Feb. 12) from son, Jack and daughter-in-law Fran Cichon.

Peter Fobia (Feb. 28) from LaCreeda and Ron Dobson.