MOUNT CARMEL - The following memorialswere presented to Divine Redeemer Churchin June

Margaret Malho Almeida from Frank and Mary Sawicki, Ron Coleman, Karen and Rita Alekseyko, Ellen Albert, Delfina Gidaro and family and sister, Rose.

Louis and Joan Girolami from Hank and Loretta Witkoski, Sara Mirarchi.

Mary C. Zuech from Ron Coleman.

Dorothy A. Kort from Bonnie Weigand.

Annette Galitski from Henry and Pat Fadrowski, Jerry and Jessica Delaney and sons, Sam and Ann Spears, Dora and Joan DiFrancesco.

Francis Kwiatkowski on Father's Day from Ann, Bill, Bryan and Ben McFadden.

James McFadden on Father's Day from Bill, Ann, Bryan and Ben McFadden.

Joann M. DiRienzo from Francis "Cosmo" Rossi, Jasmine Paskell.

Diane Broskey from Bob and Barb Whispell.

Saverio V. and Raffaela Miriello from daughters.

Robert Fanella from Dora and Joan DiFrancesco, Lena Wynne and family, Peggy Lutcavage, Ann DiFrancesco.

Helen McAndrew from Anita Frank and Krisa Moncavage, Craig and Angie Love and boys, Rita M. Pizzoli, Maria Scicchitano, Jack and Toni Sommers, Gina and Marietta Miriello, Frank and Mary Sawicki, Donna and Bob Veach, Walter and Anne McAndrew, Megan McAndrew and Matt Filarski, Barbara Iwanski.

Eleanor Kowaleski from Frank and Mary Sawicki.