MOUNT CARMEL -The following memorials have been presented to Divine Redeemer Church for November 2013.

In memory of

Richard P. DiFrancesco from wife, Rose, and family.

Augustine Lombardo from family.

Marguerite M. Budick from Charles and Mary Menapace; Antoinette Bach and family; Timothy and Anne Parvis; Tom and Anna Mae Moser.

Stella A. Bridy from Gerard and Debbie Whispell; Bob and Barbara Whispell; Frank and Mary Sawicki; Mary C. Sawicki; Tom and Melanie Michetti; Susan and Brian Berger; Frank and Jody Sawicki; Rita M. Pizzoli; David Sawicki; Marietta and Gina Miriello.

Ben Terry from Irene and Norbert Wydila.

Joseph and Mae Kozlowski from Phil, Helen and Greg Kozlowski.

JoAnn Farr from Rita M. Pizzoli.

Bernard J. Britt from Dora and Joan DiFrancesco; Lena Wynne and family; Mary Hirsch.

Enez L. Stetz from Millie Palembas; Louise and Bob Drumheiser; Patti and Mike Higgins; Tina and Paul Zupicick; Wally, Anne and Megan McAndrew; Michael and Lisa Skopatz; Verne Shierant; Gen Zarkoskie; Martha Meredith; Myron Zuech; Sam and Ann Spears; Jack and Theresa McDonnell; Helen Petruskevich; Hank and Loretta Witkoski; Dan and Phyllis Ficca; Betty Menapace; Gina and Marietta Miriello; Elaine Jurgill; The Varanos-Butch, Gig, Joe and Carol; Frank and Mary Sawicki; Rita M. Pizzoli; Barbara and Kenneth Pizzoli; Ted and Jackie Matlow.