Mount Carmel Area Public Library

MOUNT CARMEL - The Mount Carmel Area Public Library thanks everyone for the donations and memorials received in December, the most important and basic source of funds to the library.

In honor of

All veterans from Veterans Overseas Association.

Christmas memorial

Michael Buhay from Aunt Peg.

Kymber Chapman from mom, Peggy.

George McFee from wife, Sandy.

Krista Mazurkevich Fracalossi from her nieces, Julia and Courtney, and her nephews, Jonathan, Stephen and Derek.

Ed Polites from Judy Polites and family.

Clarence and Muriel Sheriff from daughter, Sandy.

Dennis Sheriff from sister, Sandy.

Ronnie Sheriff from sister, Sandy.

Ira, Sylvia and Alan Stine from Nancy and Joe.

Birthday memorial

Mark Elgin from Mom.

Charles Hirsch (Dec. 19) from Mary Hirsch.

In memory of

Mary Bird from Jim Darrup.

Robert Edward Bolstrum from Rose Marie Koronkiewicz; Ted and Jackie Matlow; Rose and Frank Pecaitis; Sandy (Confair) Procopio.

Arthur Catino Sr. from Mary Anne Catino Everett family.

Robert J. Chuprinski from Jeff Kanezo.

Deceased members of Westminster Society from the United Presbyterian Church of Mount Carmel.

Esther Evans from Rita Alekseyko; Joanne Kogut.

William Fagley from Mount Carmel Joint High School Class of 1955.

Margaret Heiser from Maureen Scicchitano.

Jeffrey Karpinski from Jack and Elaine Kuzo.

John M. Kuzo III from Jack and Elaine Kuzo.

Michael Lapotsky from wife, Mary.

Arnold Lutz from Jim Darrup.

Charlie, Betty (Kealy) and Eddie McAndrew from Blanche McAndrew Harman.

Dorothy Milewski from John D. Owens.

Donna Vinsky Moyer from Baba and Michael Lapotsky.

Anna May Owens from Jackie and Steve Heromin.

John E. Owens from Joan Owens.

Alan Rudisill from wife, Mary.

Caroline Scicchitano from Jake and Judy Betz; Jim and Gingie Britton; Joe, Carol, Joseph and James D'Amico; Dolores Honecker; Marilyn Kanezo; Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family; Sandy (Confair) Procopio; Aldo and Angelique Scicchitano; Reynold and Patty Scicchitano; Jim, Noreen and Joshua Sienkiewicz; Beverly Stahl; Joan and Tony Wolkoski; Rick Wolkoski; Frank and Virginia Varano.

Alfred Sebastian from John D. Owens.

Enez L. Stetz from Michael and Ida Balichik; Irene Gurba; the Kanezo family; Gloria Klemas; Bob Lapinski and Mona Downey; Charles and Sandra Lucas; Tom and Gayle Pivarnik and family.

Charles "Chuckie" Strausser from Mom, Ron, Jason and family, Derek and Shawn.

Bernice Sulick from Jim Darrup; Dan, Ruth Skonecki and family.

Thomas Wydra from Maryann, Ann and Ron Wydra.

Special thanks to the "I Grew Up in Mount Carmel" Facebook group - Jean Kurek; Christopher McGee; David Mace; Sean and Deborah Mace; Sean Mace; Louis and Barbara Odorizzi; Elaine Polinski; Virginia and Ron Shopinski; Susan Singleton; Thomas and Clair Switzer; Thomas and Kaloa Wills; Thomas Wydra, Anne B. Beierschmitt Parvis, Marilyn and Jack Williams.