PAXINOS - A public meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. today at Masser's Restaurant, regarding possible changes to operating hours at the Paxinos Post Office.

After receiving results of the survey, the postal service will examine the responses and, unless the community leans more than 60 percent toward a certain preference for conducting a discontinuance study and establishing a different source of service, the Paxinos Post Office will maintain six hours of window service per weekday.

At the Paxinos office, current Saturday window service hours and access to delivery receptacles will not change as a result of the POST Plan realignment of weekday window service hours.

At today's meeting, local management will share the results of the survey, answer questions and solicit input regarding times the post office will be open.

The postal service is also seeking locally established businesses or organizations to serve as contractor-operated postal retail units in local communities. These units will operate in combination with a community's post office.