OVERLOOK - Three siblings had a busy summer this year, when each celebrates 60 years of marriage to their respective spouses.

Brothers Earl and Jim Maurer and their sister, Ruth (Maurer) Wynn, all tied the knot in 1953. Earl married Louise Spotts Aug. 1, Ruth Maurer married Richard Wynn July 4, and Jim Maurer married Richard Wynn's sister Kay Oct. 3.

The family joke is that Richard and Kay couldn't find anyone else.

"We thought we were marrying into money," joked Richard Wynn, while the three couples sat in Earl and Louise's home in Overlook Wednesday afternoon.

Close family

First up is Richard and Ruth, who married July 4, while Richard, who was in the U.S. Air Force, was on leave from a tour in Alaska.

Then, Earl and Louise were married in August after Earl, a U.S. Army veteran, returned home from Korea.

Finally, Jim and Kay where married Oct. 3, after which he entered the service during peace time and was a tank commander.

"It seemed like everyone else was doing it," Jim joked about marrying, but in reality, he had been dating Kay for two years before they tied the knot.

The couples have remained very close over the past six decades, and enjoyed many camping trips and family functions. They also have children around the same age. They even get together once a month for lunch and gather for big Fourth of July celebrations which double as Richard and Ruth's anniversary parties.

Earl and Louise Maurer and Jim and Kay Maurer live close to each other in Overlook, while Richard and Ruth Wynn have lived in Mifflinburg for most of their married life. The Maurer family owned and operated Maurer's Dairy in Tharptown.