MOUNT CARMEL - Tony Matulewicz, of 139 N. Oak St., a Democrat, is a candidate for re-election to a third term on Mount Carmel Borough Council.

Matulewicz, an attorney, was born and raised in Mount Carmel Borough, and he said he loves living there. During the past two terms, he said, he has worked to reduce government waste, keep taxes low and have the borough remain fiscally responsible. He noted taxes have not increased in the six fiscal years since he was elected to council.

Matulewicz cites fiscal responsibility as his most valuable asset to the community. "By keeping a tight reign on the borough purse strings, council was able to eliminate a six-figure budget deficit, balance the budget and pay off several long-term loans racked up by previous councils, all without raising taxes," he said.

"If re-elected, I promise to continue to zealously guard the borough treasury, realizing it's our hard-earned money. When you spend other people's money as if it is your own, intelligent, frugal spending comes naturally."

Matulewicz said that although the current council has saved huge amounts of money through increased efficiency, elimination of wasteful spending and cuts to unnecessary and/or illegal activities, there continues to be a lot of hard work and tough decisions ahead.

Matulewicz promises to make pension reform a top priority.

"The current pension situation is absolutely unsustainable over the long term. The past administrations have racked up an enormous unfunded liability in our pension funds through mismanagement, miscalculation and by generally 'kicking the can down the road.' That won't happen anymore. If re-elected, no part of any budget, ordinance, resolution, or motion I vote for will be free from financial scrutiny," he said.