State Rep. Kurt Masser, R-107, believes the state's $29.1 billion budget could be signed today by the governor.

"I think we have a shot at him signing it (today)," Masser said Wednesday, calling it more of a hunch than any inside information. He doesn't expect Gov. Tom Corbett to comb the budget and veto individual line items he's opposed to.

The bills were presented 90 minutes ahead of the July 1 start of the new legislative year. Corbett has yet to sign the 2014 budget passed by both the House and Senate almost wholly along party lines. He is stalling in the hopes of having a pension reform plan adopted, and had been considering slashing legislative operating funds in a power play for support.

Masser said he's not getting "excited" by Corbett's actions - he can't control the governor.

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf criticized the budget, questioning the validity of revenue projections. Talk of the good and bad of the budget is to be expected, Masser said.

"When you get away from the process, no one is 100 percent happy with the budget," Masser said. "It's all about compromise."

There was little of that when it came to Monday's legislative votes. In the House, 108 Republicans passed the bill as all 92 Democrats and three Republicans opposed. The Senate vote was similar - 26-24 with one Republican joining every Democrat in opposition.

Masser remained in Harrisburg into the evening for additional votes, including on the state's fiscal code.