Two incumbent Republican legislators, state Reps. Kurt Masser (107th District) and Lynda Schlegel-Culver (108th District) were nominated Tuesday for third terms in the state House of Representatives. They were unopposed in their party's primaries.

Masser had 1,398 votes and Culver, 2,137 in Northumberland County. These totals do not include Montour County figures for the 107th and Snyder County totals for the 108th.

No Democrats appeared on the ballot for either position. However, according to unofficial returns, Masser may be within striking distance of earning a Democratic nomination through write-in votes.

According to the Northumberland County Board of Elections, Masser had 237 Democratic write-ins. Since at least 300 votes are necessary to secure a nomination by write-ins, he would need at least 63 additional Democratic votes in Montour County, all of which is part of the 107th District. No Montour County figures were available at press time.

Chris Pfaff had 41 write-in votes in Northumberland County. It was not known how many write-ins he received in his home county of Montour. Pfaff originally filed as a Democratic candidate in the 107th District, but his petition was rejected in Commonwealth Court.

John Deppen, of Northumberland, had 261 write-in votes for a Democratic nomination in the 108th District. He could secure the nomination if he picks up an additional 39 write-in votes in the part of the 108th District that is located in Snyder County.

Republican incumbent Lou Barletta from Luzerne County and Democrat Andy Ostrowski from Dauphin County were unopposed for their respective party nominations for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 11th District.

Gov, lt gov races

According to unofficial returns, Northumberland County Democratic votes for governor were: Tom Wolf, 3,084; Robert McCord, 774; Karie McGinty, 385, and Allyson Schwartz, 259.

Lieutenant governor: Mike Stack, 1,456; Mark Critz, 190; Mark Smith, 1,160; Brandon Neuman, 177, and Brad Koplinski, 992.

Stack received the Democrat nomination for November's general election.

Gov. Tom Corbett had 2,589 votes in the Republican primary, and Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley had 2,952. Both were unopposed for renomination.

According to the board of elections, about 8,500 people came to the polls in Northumberland County out of a possible 47,000 voters (registered Democrats and Republicans).