SHAMOKIN - A city man charged with breaking into a vacant house and eluding police earlier this month before being apprehended after jumping from a roof had his bail reduced Tuesday, but remains in county prison on a bench warrant related to other offenses.

James H. Latshaw, 48, of 126 E. Arch St., waived his right to a preliminary hearing involving two criminal complaints filed against him by Cpl. Bryan Primerano. Magisterial District Judge John Gembic III reduced the defendant's bail from $40,000 cash to unsecured bail, which means he didn't have to post any money to be released. But due to the bench warrant, he remains imprisoned.

Latshaw, who was represented by county public defender Melissa Norton, is charged with flight to avoid apprehension and resisting arrest relating to Aug. 19 incidents. He also faces charges of theft, criminal trespass, loitering and prowling at night, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and flight to avoid apprehension for allegedly breaking into a home in the 300 block of South Seventh Street on Aug. 10.

Police responded to Latshaw's residence shortly after 8 p.m. Aug. 19 with a warrant from Gembic. Shamokin Patrolmen Nathan Rhodes and Scott Weaver and Coal Township Patrolman Edward Purcell knocked on the front door and spoke to an unidentified occupant who then walked upstairs.

Coal Township Patrolman Matthew Henrich, who was stationed at the rear of the residence, spotted Latshaw exit the home onto a roof. Police told Latshaw he was wanted and instructed him to come down from the roof, but the defendant refused to do so even though the home was surrounded by police and county probation officers, authorities said.

Officers said Latshaw jumped from the roof to a second-story residence on the east side of his home before leaping to the ground and running east through neighboring yards.

Latshaw encountered Coal Township Patrolman Terry Ketchem, changed his route to access Marshall Street and ran north, police said, despite their shouts for him to stop.

Probation officer Daniel Shoop caught up with Latshaw on Marshall Street and restrained him when the suspect ran into a fence. Latshaw was forced to the ground, but police said he resisted before being subdued and transported to Shamokin Police Station.

Shortly before midnight Aug. 10, Latshaw was able to elude police after being spotted leaving a vacant property at 303 S. Seventh St. He was later seen fleeing his home and running through yards before making his escape by descending the "Patsy Steps" onto South Rock Street.

Police said Latshaw, before fleeing the South Seventh Street property, had a bucket of car alternators that belonged to the homeowner.

Police said Latshaw also caused damage to private property and landscaping by running and trespassing into yards in the 100 block of East Arch Street.