Our love story is as unusual as most things in our life - and we lead a very peculiar life together.

It began with a chance meeting May 21, 2010, at, of all places, Long John Silvers in Selinsgrove. It was odd because we lived in Shamokin and Coal Township, and we had known each other for three years but had not spoken in a few months.

Erik was the choir director at our church and I was in the choir. We had spoken briefly during practices or before and after Sunday Mass but never in depth or about anything important. When we spoke that Friday night, we realized that we both had been through a lot in the previous months.

Our separate relationships with the parents of our children had ended. We were alone and most of all, we had done a very nice job of hiding our personal problems from everybody. We talked for a little while longer and then went our separate ways.

That weekend, I received a call from Erik saying that choir practice was canceled for the week and that summer break was beginning, but I heard something more in his voice. I was a bit sad because I was planning on going back to practice that week and had looked forward to seeing Erik again.

I still have the voicemail from that call because it changed everything.

I sent him a text saying that I was sorry to hear that practice was over. That text led to another, then another, and then another. Then the text messages turned to phone calls lasting all through the night. At the end of that first week, with my heart in my throat, I admitted to Erik that I thought I was in love with him. I stopped breathing when he let out a huge sigh, and said he had fallen in love with me too.

It had only been a week, so we were both very suspicious of our feelings since we had been burned in the recent past. We tried to take our time, but as our feelings for each other grew, time (and gossip) became less important, and we finally let love take over.

We stopped listening to our families, who thought we were headed for trouble, and our friends, who thought we were crazy. We stopped listening to those people who knew us casually and did not have a problem offering unsolicited advice. We started talking to our priest. we had faith in each other and we kept praying.

One month after that chance meeting, we were moving in together. Two months and nine days after we moved in together, we were engaged. Three months after our engagement, we were talking to our priest and planning a wedding. Twenty months after that chance meeting, on Jan. 21, 2012, we were standing at the altar of Mother Cabrini Church, exchanging vows in front of God, our families and friends. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and are looking forward to celebrating 60 or 70 more anniversaries together.

What we consider our secret weapon (and what most people do not understand) is that we regret nothing from our pasts. After all, every single decision step, and especially our mistakes, brought us here and made us who we are. We learned that what people see on the outside of a relationship is not always indicative of what two people bring to it, and to each other, so it is best to stop listening to what those people say and believe in each other.