MOUNT CARMEL - It seems we cannot turn on the TV or glance at a popular tabloid magazine without seeing sports figures, entertainers and people famous for being famous flaunting their fabulous lifestyles and doing whatever they feel like doing.

We are left to wonder: Where are all the good people? Well, more than 100 of them can be found in "God's People: They Walk by Faith," the latest book by local author Walt Kozlowski. Readers of The News-Item are likely to be acquainted with many of the people featured in the inspirational book and know many more as the result of Kozlowski's "Saturday's Spirit" columns that are a weekly feature on the newspaper's church pages.

"Life is a series of God's miracles for those who look for them," Kozlowski said. This statement is reaffirmed in the stories of the wide variety of people featured in the 158-page book. While there are stories about nuns and priests, there are also many selections about people of varied faiths. A wide range of occupations are also represented, including police chief, doctor, dance teacher, shoe store owner, post master, youth baseball coaches, department store workers and others.

Families are frequently the subject. These people range in age from their 90s to a pair of "preborn" twins. The twins' exemplify the goal of putting other people first. A 13-year-old boy who uses his own money to buy flowers for his sister on her First Communion Sunday illustrates the same theme.

"We get so upset with the 'bad' or notorious people, we sometimes forget the many good people we come into contact with on a daily basis," he said. "These people and the way they live their lives are sources of an endless series of spiritual insights and lessons.

"Even though more than a few of them are no longer with us, memories of the way they lived their lives give us hope that we will one day be reunited with them forever in God's presence."

Kozlowski's first book, "Sailing Away: A Mother's Final Journey," featured stories about the faith-filled life of his Mother, Mary "Mae" Kozlowski.

Copies of "God's People" are available at Mount Carmel Area Public Library, Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library and Presents under Glass in Kulpmont. Part of the proceeds of each book sold in the libraries will be donated to the libraries.