MANDATA - In addition to an 8-0 vote to pass the 2014-15 budget with no millage increase in taxes, the Line Mountain School District Board of Directors discussed and voted on nearly four dozen other agenda items. Director Dennis Erdman was absent from the meeting, which lasted late into Tuesday night. Among the highlights:

Tim Lagerman, director of plant and operations, presented a list of items that needed to be repaired or replaced on the district's property. The sign in front of the elementary school in Trevorton needs to be partially or wholly replaced to reflect the change in name from Trevorton Elementary School to Line Mountain Elementary School, he said. The design Lagerman presented for the new sign did not please the board and he will present additional plans at the next board meeting. The cost to replace the necessary portion is an estimated $380.

The brickwork on the front of the Line Mountain Middle/High School needs to be repointed. Lagerman said 100 percent of the brick required repointing and the aesthetic appearance of the front of the building would improve greatly from the work.

A salt storage facility is awaiting a redesign due to a necessary increase in height. The building will cost an estimated $20,500 and will allow the district to purchase and store salt in anticipation of winter weather.

A set of metal security doors in a Roman gate or shutter grill style are needed to secure the cafeteria. Superintendent David M. Campbell said the primary purpose of the gates would be to secure students in the cafeteria in the event of an intruder. Lagerman estimated the cost at $4,100 for all cafeteria doors.


The board debated at length the cost of replacing playground mulch annually and installing a rubber mat with a higher up-front cost and asked Lagerman to research the matter further. Lagerman had presented information that installing a rubber mat would cost what the board perceived to be an exorbitant amount. Director Lauren Hackenburg cited other area playgrounds that had used such a rubber mat and asked Lagerman to research where these were purchased to see if they could find a more affordable supplier.

Purchasing new scoreboards for athletic fields will be held off until the outdoor electrical system is upgraded to handle the increase in wattage.

Lagerman said it would cost $4,585.15 to replace the baseball backstops, which are original from the creation of the fields. The baseball boosters would handle the installation. The board approved the purchase.

The board tabled a discussion on purchasing a new portable sound system at a cost of $1,111.49. Lagerman said the system would be used to make announcements at sporting events. Board president Troy Laudenslager said he does not feel the equipment was necessary, but Campbell said the system would also be used for graduation, and equipment was borrowed for this year's graduation because the existing system had problems.

The board approved purchasing a new golf cart at a cost not to exceed $4,600. Laudenslager said if a dealer offered a trade on the existing golf cart that would bring the sum paid for a slightly more expensive cart below this amount, that would also be acceptable.


Nathan T. Troutman, insurance broker for Deibeler, Straub and Troutman, Inc., (DST) presented recommendations at the meeting for the district to renew several plans. The board approved renewing property, general liability, school leaders, automobile, inland marine, crime, equipment breakdown and umbrella coverage through DST for $63,264. Troutman said the amount decreased by $3,733, or less than one percent, due to the district selling the Dalmatia and Leck Kill properties.

The board also approved renewing sports accident and student accident insurance coverage through DST. The rate rose by $1,000 due to an approximately 100 percent claim ratio, which Troutman said was an abnormality in the district's trend.

Workers compensation insurance coverage was also approved for renewal through DST. The amount rose 18 percent to $37,424 due to claims.

Troutman discussed an environmental impairment liability policy with the board. The policy, which provides $1 million in coverage with a $10,000 deductible per claim, costs $7,324.86 and would cover the Line Mountain Elementary and Line Mountain Middle/High School. The board tabled the discussion until Troutman provided additional details concerning what would be covered under the plan. Troutman said the plan would not have covered the Dalmatia Elementary School heating oil spill that occurred in February because the system was antiquated.

Sunday activities

A discussion on approving the use of Line Mountain High School facilities lasted late into the night. Campbell said he thought the board should limit Sunday activities and that he could remember a time when the board did not approve anything on Sundays because it was considered family time.

"I guess I'm being a stubborn old coot," said Campbell.

Other board members agreed the number of activities on Sundays had grown at an unreasonable pace. Laudenslager said the Line Mountain Elementary field hockey team had requested use of the fields every Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Sept. 7 to Nov. 1, which he feels is excessive. Campbell said he thought that permitting the requests allowed other schools that did not permit Sunday activity to abuse the policy by hosting all matches at Line Mountain.

Coaches salaries

The following coaches and salaries were approved by the Line Mountain School Board of Directors Tuesday: Michael Martz, head varsity wrestling coach, $2,980; Charles Johnson, assistant wrestling coach, $2,380; Darin Keim, junior high head wrestling coach, $1,615; Robert Renn, junior high assistant wrestling coach, $2,335; Michael Reed, head varsity girls basketball coach, $3,280; Jon Raker, assistant girls basketball coach, $2,470; Craig Reichard, head varsity boys basketball coach, $2,080; Pjay Hunsberger, assistant boys basketball coach, $1,570; Williard Reed, junior high head boys basketball coach, $1,190; Heather Kieffer, head field hockey coach, $2,980, and Danielle Jacukowicz, assistant fall cheerleading coach, $1,120.