A Line Mountain graduate got some time recently on National Public Radio.

A story that was published on npr.org and broadcast on its network of radio stations discussed a new book by Renita Jablonski and her husband, Dustin Fenstermacher, LM class of 1997.

The story, headlined "Scratch That: One Cat's Struggle With Internet Stardom," starts like this:

"No matter what the market's doing, a certain breed of entrepreneur tends to come out on top - or should we say, breeds? Domestic short hair, Persian, Siamese - if you have the right breed of cat, or at least one with a certain look, you may be feeding kitty treats to a potential gold mine.

"Luckily, there's a road map to feline stardom - published Tuesday (April 1), it's called "How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom."

Jablonski tells how, for years, she and her husband have been taking photos of their cat, Bruiser, wearing hats.

"And Chapter 1 of 'How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity' is titled Grooming Your Star, so our first stop was Bonnie's Dog and Cat Grooming in Washington, D.C.'s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Turns out a lot of big-name pets go there," Jablonski wrote.

She talks about Fenstermacher's photography in the book.

"Once Bruiser was high on catnip, he got a reusable grocery bag stuck on his head. Purrrrfect! But I struggled to take photos of the action with my iPhone," she wrote. "'The cameras on them are sometimes just not fast enough,'" she quoted Fenstermacher. "'They'll just appear to be a blur.'"

"If you really want to make your cat a celebrity, he suggests, you've got to invest in a good camera," Jablonski wrote, her husband adding with a quote, "'It's also another tax write-off, too.'"