WILLIAMSPORT - Attorneys for the Line Mountain School District say a second request for legal fees stemming from its lawsuit with a teenage female wrestler is excessive and should be denied.

A federal judge ruled last month that the district pay $70,948.89 towards $140,681.89 in legal fees billed to the family of Audriana Beattie. The Beattie family has since sought an additional $28,140, which district attorneys feel is unreasonable.

During a March 26 status conference, at which fees were discussed, the additional fees were never mentioned, the district attorneys say. Subsequent declarations didn't mention the fees, either.

The Beatties waited too long to seek these additional fees, district attorneys say. If they wanted the money, they should have sought to supplement their original request, according to the legal brief.

The Beatties, represented by Flaster Greenberg and the Women's Law Project, both of Philadelphia, sued the district in October 2013 to permit the seventh-grader to compete on the all-male wrestling team. Injunctions allowed her to do just that while the matter played out in court. The district acquiesced in a March 25 settlement.

The new fees sought are to compensate five different attorneys for 118.3 hours on top of the 337.3 hours previously billed, according to a legal brief filed Thursday. The hours are billed for work between Jan. 27 and March 31, which the district says is redundant.

Line Mountain is represented by attorneys Christopher Conrad and Nicole Ehrhart, from Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin in Camp Hill.