TREVORTON - Line Mountain Elementary School administrators will be bringing the spirit of the Winter Olympics to the school in February.

Starting Feb. 4, approximately 475 students in kindergarten through fourth grade will participate in a four-day event with a variety of activities, games and food representing four countries.

The last day of the Line Mountain Olympics - Friday, Feb. 7 - will coincide with the first day of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Students need background education in order to understand current events in the world, said elementary Principal Jeanne Menko.

"We're using the Olympics to really engage them in their learning. With the Internet, the world is getting smaller. We want to open their eyes and show them what's out there in an engaging way that's alive to them," she said.

"We are trying to tie real world things into their learning," she added.

The goal is to provide the students with "a more global perspective" of other countries across the globe, Menko said.

Students will be divided into four countries, Norway, Canada, Russia and Austria. The elementary event will begin Tuesday with an opening ceremony followed by a parade of athletes dressed in special uniforms.

The week will include education activities, leading up to the teams competing Feb.7 in games similar to their Olympic counterparts.

For the bobsled, students will use scooters with two sitting and one pushing. For the luge, one student will be on the scooters.

For ice hockey, Nerf equipment will be used to shoot pucks into the goal.

For curling, students will use shuffleboard equipment. One student will slide the "rock" while the other two broom the floor.

For the ski jump, students will use a Nintendo Wii and balance board.

Students can also participate in a biathlon in which they run through a course and throw bean bags into a target from a lying, kneeling or standing position.

Other games will be skiing, speed skating, figure skating, stacking cups and a snowball throw.

Each day will have a different meal on the menu as well.

On Feb. 4, Norwegian Day will feature meatballs with cream gravy and a side of buttered noodles. On Feb. 5, Canadian Day will feature French toast sticks with Canadian maple syrup. On Feb. 6, Russian Day will feature festival chicken breast sandwiches with Russian dressing and a side of beets. On Feb. 7, Austrian Day will feature a pork patty with gravy.

Menko said Japan would have been included, however, Monday is a teacher's in-service day and the students will not be in school.