MANDATA - Both sides of the Line Mountain School District teacher contract negotiations said Tuesday night's session was "professional and productive."

Mark McDade, chief negotiator for the Line Mountain Education Association and the teachers' representative from the Pennsylvania State Education Association, said the school district presented a comprehensive proposal to the teachers union Tuesday, something that hasn't happened since October.

"That was a breath of fresh air in this whole process," McDade said. "We may be still far apart with our terms, but we offered a counterproposal, and we have something to work with when we come back to the table."

Line Mountain School Board president Troy Laudenslager was happy with the session as well.

"I think we understood where both sides are as far as their priorities," Laudenslager said Wednesday. "There are some items that we think are important while the teachers have some items that they feel are their priority. I don't think we are as far apart as we were in the past."

Line Mountain teachers have been working on an expired contract since June 2012. The union has threatened to strike and continue "working to the rule," a position the union adopted Sept. 30, meaning they work during the contracted 7 1/2 hours and nothing more.

Another negotiating session is scheduled for Monday, May 12, where Lauderslager said the district will make another full contract proposal to the teachers.