COAL TOWNSHIP - A compelling story of healing, filled with heartache, humor, faith, encouragement and miracles, will be told by Laurie Jayne at Mountainside Assembly of God, 1900 Trevorton Road, at 10:30 a.m. Sunday. The public is invited.

In May 2012, shortly after Jayne's 40th birthday and after a routine visit to her doctor, she was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent surgery and was told a week later that it was stage IV cancer. Her faith was being tested, and she was overwhelmed with thoughts of how her husband and young children might have to get along without her.

She met with local surgeons, oncologists and radiation doctors and finally ended seeing the top oncologist at Fox Chase in Philadelphia. After many MRIs, PET scans, CT scans, X-rays, biopsies and blood work had been done, all drew the same conclusion: she had breast cancer, cancer of the lymph nodes, liver cancer and bone cancer. Jayne had two years maximum to live, having a very aggressive cancer that would spread quickly.

Further testing also revealed she would not be responsive to typical chemotherapy treatments. She was told to get her will in order and have her power of attorney signed. Her husband was told to make her as comfortable as possible because in the days ahead she would be bedridden, lose much weight and be in tremendous pain.

But Jayne says she knew that the same God who rules the world had the power to overrule any diagnosis; she began to seek God and she knew her healing would start to baffle her doctors. Her story of healing begins with her participation at a worship service at church and ends with her doctors changing her prognosis and believing that she will make a complete recovery.

"Come expecting God to do a new thing in your life," promotes Pastor Rich Earl. "Laurie is passionate about helping others experience the hope, healing and power that only Jesus can bring. Her humor and openness reveal her authentic joy in all circumstances. She is transparent about her diagnosis, faith, life and healing. Laurie connects with real people in a real way."

Jayne is an ordained minister and credentialed life coach. She is a graduate of North Point Bible College (formerly Zion Bible College). She has served in many positions of ministry over the last 20 years. Her areas of experience include: youth ministry, campus ministry, young adults ministry, teaching, and conference speaking. She is currently serving as the discipleship pastor at Peckville Assembly of God, Blakely.

Call 570-847-6696 for more information.