SHAMOKIN - Two misdemeanor counts of creating a public nuisance filed against Allentown landlord George Atiyeh were withdrawn Tuesday after the defendant reportedly made the necessary repairs to his properties that brought him into compliance with property codes and ordinances.

Atiyeh faced fines and costs and possible jail time for failing to fully comply with the Building Officials Code Administrators International (BOCA) and Shamokin ordinances involving properties at 506 Bear Valley Ave. and 549 S. Seventh St.

The charges were filed at the office of Magisterial District Judge John Gembic III by Shamokin Cpl. Bryan Primerano, who agreed to withdraw them after being told by Code Enforcement Officer Rick Bozza that Atiyeh had complied.

In April, Gembic delayed making a ruling in the landlord's case and gave him 60 days to bring both properties up to code. He decided to hold off issuing a ruling after conferring with Primerano, Bozza and Assistant District Attorney Michael Toomey.

At the time, Gembic said if the repairs weren't made within two months, the criminal case against Atiyeh would proceed.

Atiyeh failed to appear multiple times for his hearing and Gembic previously issued a bench warrant against him for failing to respond to a certified mailing requesting his attendance at the hearing.

According to a criminal complaint, both properties had created a public nuisance and safety hazard.

Police said there were holes in the front and rear sections of the roof on both properties, which allowed rain, snow, wind and animals to gain access.

Police reported Bozza warned Atiyeh about the violations several times and ordered him to bring the buildings up to code, but Atiyeh failed to do so.

Bozza filed eight citations against Atiyeh for offenses committed in October 2012 and he was found guilty on each of the offenses March 7 after failing to appear for a hearing before Gembic. Atiyeh was ordered by the judge to pay $2,272 in fines and costs. Gembic said Atiyeh has made payments on the fines and costs since March.