ELYSBURG - The fourth generation of the Knoebel family has found the amusement park's next big project.

Park officials have been quite secretive about the project slated for 2015 and will only say Brian and Rick Knoebel, sons of Dick Knoebel, and Trevor Knoebel, son of Buddy Knoebel, will lead the project.

Several teases announcing the "next big thing" at Knoebels started to appear this week on the park's Facebook site. An early announcement - albeit a tease - has parkgoers speculating that the project could be anything from a new steel rollercoaster to a fun house.

Joe Muscato, director of public relations, said Wednesday it will be a big project for the park and should be done "quite early" next year. Although he did not confirm the project is a new ride, he said it will have the same type of atmosphere as Knoebels' legendary projects, such as the Phoenix and the Flume. The park will reveal the new project gradually, Muscato said.

"It's the first big project for the next generation. It establishes that Knoebels will be Knoebels," Muscato said, referencing yearly rumors that the park will be sold to another amusement park. "It's the fourth generation stepping up and making their contributions."

Two new rides

In the interim, Muscato said staff is busy with infrastructure projects and restoring two classic children's rides that will be added to the park's growing list of nostalgic attractions.

A children's boat ride that operates on a track, unlike the park's current version which floats on water, and a pony cart ride, built by the W.F. Mangels Co., similar to one that ran at the now defunct Doodle Bug Park in Trevorton, should bring back some childhood memories, Muscato said.

"They need a fair amount of work, but we hope that one or both rides will be done this season," he said. "They are cute little rides that kids will get a kick out of."