SUNBURY - Dalmatia Area Ambulance Chief Eric Shrawder was cleared of wrongdoing through a jury's verdict in a civil lawsuit about the drowning death of a 2-year-old boy nearly seven years ago.

The Daily Item reported in Friday's edition that a jury's 11-1 verdict found that the negligence of Lisa Michael, the toddler's aunt, not that of Shrawder, led to Kedan Bordner's death on June 23, 2005. The verdict, which does not need to be unanimous in a civil trial, awarded the boy's parents $103,267 in damages, the newspaper reported.

Shrawder, then a volunteer EMT with the association, was sued for arriving at the scene but telling Michael to continue doing CPR while he removed life-saving equipment from his truck. The Daily Item reported that Shrawder, after he was sued for not immediately taking over efforts to revive the child, brought Michael into the suit. His attorney told the court that Shrawder did perform CPR on the boy and "did the prudent, responsible thing" in his response to the emergency call.

Michael was babysitting about eight other children on the day of the accident, The Daily Item reported.