"Do you really think I look like that?"

That was a question posed by a councilwoman whose picture had just appeared with a story in the newspaper. Actually, I thought the picture was a flattering one. I told her so.

This prompted a glare and the question about her resemblance to her photo. Wisely, I did not comment. I just directed her to the office of the managing editor. He was good at answering such questions.

Of course, the councilwoman was not alone in the belief that she looked much better than her photo portrayed her. Many of us feel same way about our images captured by a camera. Of course, there are many others who think of the camera as a friend and are greatly pleased to look at themselves smiling back at them from a 4-by-6 photograph.

The same sort of reaction is present when we really look at ourselves and how we live. Quite a few think their soul is much more beautiful than it is. Those possessing more humility tend to see their soul as flawed.

Cameras can lie and we can lie to ourselves, but no matter how well we pose, God sees us as we really are.

He loves us and He wants to see love for Him and others adorning our soul.

"Do you really think my soul looks like that?"


Is God visible in our image?