Sunday was another milestone in the young career of Henry Hynoski.

The second-year New York Giants' fullback and Southern Columbia graduate scored his first NFL touchdown - and the Giants' last in a 42-7 romp over the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. - and he did it on his 24th birthday.

The one-yard pass from quarterback Eli Manning came in the fourth quarter with 6:51 remaining.

With the Giants' power package in the game, Manning took the snap, picking up a block from Ahmad Bradshaw along the way, and rolled out to his right, where Hynoski had drifted toward the goal line in the flat.

Hynoski caught the pass and crossed the goal line before going out of bounds.

The play was reviewed, as all scoring plays in the NFL are, but stood up.

It was Hynoski's first career touchdown and his 11th reception of the season.

Neither Hynoski nor family members were able to be reached for comment, but his Southern Columbia Area High School football coach Jim Roth said he was happy for his former player.

"I'm sure it's bittersweet to score his first touchdown but not make the playoffs," he said.

Roth said Hynoski is a "very unselfish player" who is perfectly content doing his job blocking, but he was in a position to handle the ball and score.

"Being so successful in high school and running the ball, I know he was looking forward to having the opportunity to score. Today, it finally happened for him," he said.

Along with his first touchdown, came Hynoski's first touchdown dance - a tribute to his Hynocerous nickname.

With the ball in his left hand and his right raised to the bridge of his facemask to mimic a rhino's horn, Hynoski shuffled as though he were preparing to charge and his head bobbed in time.

Roth said he didn't catch the game or touchdown celebration live because he was at a holiday basketball tournament, but said he watched the rhino shuffle on someone's phone.

"I'm sure he had a lot of fun with that, playing up the nickname," he said. "I'm sure he thought about that for a long time."

Fox broadcaster Thom Brennaman made the call for fans at home and relayed Hynoski's rise from an undrafted rookie in 2011 to the Giants' starting fullback and, now apparently, chief choreographer.

A video of Hynoski's dance is available at and has become an Internet sensation.