The scores for local school districts are as follows:

- Line Mountain: Dalmatia Elementary School, 85.9; Leck Kill Elementary School, 91.2; Trevorton Elementary School, 85.3; and junior/senior high school, not available.

- Mount Carmel Area: elementary school, 64.8; and middle/high school, not available.

- Shamokin Area: elementary school, 66.3; and middle/high school, not available.

- Southern Columbia Area: G.C. Hartman elementary school, 82.8; middle school, 83.4; and high school, 81.6.

- Danville Area: primary school, 82; Liberty Valley Elementary School, 82.7; middle school, 94.4; and high school, 92.7.

- Milton Area: James F. Baugher Elementary

School, 77.4; Montandan Elementary School, 89.9; White Deer Elementary School, 75.3; and middle and high schools, not available.

- Shikellamy: Chief Shikellamy Elementary School, 69; Grace S. Beck Elementary School, 72.1; Oaklyn Elementary School, 81.1; Priestley Elementary School, 75.1; middle school, 84; and high school, 67,6.

- Warrior Run: Turbotville Elementary, 86.7; Watsontown Elementary, 82.4; middle school, 90.7; and high school, not available.

- North Schuylkill: elementary, 70.5; and junior/seniorr high school, 72.8.

Approximately 90 percent of the data, which was provided to the state by the school districts, will be based on 2012-13 school year test scores while other data such as graduation and attendance rates will be based on the 2011-12 school year.

Scores for most of 3,200 traditional, charter, cyber and technical schools in the state are online at