DANVILLE - Since its establishment in 2011, the Center of Hope Christian Counseling has worked to rebuild over 100 lives each year.

Under the direction of executive director and counselor Jim Thornton, director of partnership development Laura James, and counselors Lynne Ney and Missy Young, those who seek treatment find help not only at their office at 309 Elysburg Road, Danville, but also in four separate satellite locations throughout the Susquehanna Valley.

"We have found that there is a great need throughout the area for our services," Thornton said. "People are coming to us the most about marriage counseling, depression, abusive pasts and anxiety."

The center said there is a rising trend for people coming for drug and alcohol counseling. Because of that, Center for Hope has placed a satellite office in the Miller-Donmoyer Family Health Center, Shamokin.

"Having a center there really helps us know who is having a problem with physical and chemical problems," James said. "We are there a couple days a week and its really grown, there is a great need there."

Satellite offices are also in churches in Bloomsburg, Berwick and has recently opened in Milton.

Their work is paying off, research shows.

"We give surveys to people that use the center, and we are getting 100 percent ratings that people would recommend us to someone who needs help," James said.

Center of Hope has recently started offering lay counseling classes for the public. Those picked for the class are not training to become counselor full-time but to help those in everyday life.

"There are people in life that are professionals that counsel people everyday, like doctors, pastors, even hairdressers," Thornton said. "We want to give them the tools to help those that want to encourage and help those they see hurting."

Center of Hope does not turn away those that seek counseling and offers their services on a sliding fee scale. They also have a number of donors that pay for sessions for those that can't afford it.

"We get about 120 to 150 donors a year, and we are grateful for all the love they have shown us and the faith they have in our mission," James said.

To show their good work in a centralized location, the center's annual banquet will be held on Sunday, April 5 at Hope Community Church (the former Lazarski's Hall) in Mount Carmel.

"We want the community to know who we are and what we are doing to help this community be better," James said.

Center of Hope's main office can be found along Route 54, three miles from Danville and five miles from Elysburg. More information can be found on the web at www.cohsv.org.