SUNBURY - Help from the public is being credited with busting up a ring of juvenile burglars who broke into several city businesses over the past week.

Sunbury Police said three boys and two girls, ranging in age from 11 to 15, were arrested Wednesday evening and charged.

Police said it was video surveillance that helped police apprehend the suspects, despite the youths using masks and gloves to hide their identities.

Among the the businesses reported to be broken into were Zig's Distributors, Chestnut Street Deli and The Mystic Dragon. Police said money was the most significant item stolen, but food and drink items were also taken.

The arrests came on the same day that local newspapers published a police department press release asking for the public's help in solving the spree of crimes, which police said began Thursday, Jan. 9.

Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo had asked the public to be vigilant and for businesses to use lighting, locked doors and windows and private camera systems and alarms as a way to deter burglars.

Police are still encouraging the public to continue using crime prevention tactics.

Anyone with information on any other burglaries is asked to contact Sunbury police at 570-286-4584, extension 108.