DANVILLE - No one was injured after a handgun accidently fired inside a Geisinger Medical Center emergency room on June 27.

According to a statement from Michael Ferlazzo, public relations specialist for Geisinger Health System, the incident happened at approximately 8 p.m. and occurred inside a trauma bay.

"The handgun fell from the pocket of a trauma patient as the patient was being turned by clinical staff during treatment," Ferlazzo said.

No one was injured and Mahoning Township Police were called in to secure the weapon.

The Press-Enterprise newspaper, of Bloomsburg, reported that the weapon was a .38 caliber handgun, for which the patient had a permit.

The bullet entered the top of a wall near a ceiling, and was stopped by a metal conduit.

A police representative said no criminal charges will be filed in the incident.

Ferlazzo said the hospital's public safety department have been briefed on the incident and the way things were handled for further review.