COAL TOWNSHIP - Edward M. Griffiths is a candidate for Shamokin Area School Board director.

"I have served on the board for three terms and would be honored to serve another term," Griffiths said. "I would like to say I have done this and that, but I have not. I am only one vote, and it takes five votes to accomplish anything.

"I do tend to get annoyed when I hear politicians say all they have done. It is not an 'I' thing when you are part of a board; it is an 'us' thing as it is a reflection on the entire board. I have learned these values from playing sports, coaching sports, and serving with great officers at the police department," he said.

Griffiths said he will continue to recommend what he feels is in the best interest for the school district, not just vote or say anything to get re-elected.

"When I told a person I respect that some of the people are not happy with my votes, he stated, 'A man with integrity will always have some people upset. A man everyone is happy with is a man who compromised himself,'" Griffiths added. He said he will not compromise himself for groups or individuals, but will always vote for what he thinks is right.

"I have been a member of three previous boards and have worked well with all of them," Griffiths said. "We might not have agreed on everything but I believe we have all worked toward the same goal and that was for education and making our school district the best it can be. So when you hear candidates talk about education being first, not one board I have been part of ever turned anything down for education. I will continue to be consistent with my decisions being fair and honest the same way that I treat people while doing my job."

Griffiths has been a Shamokin City policeman for the past 21 years, and has been police chief for the last three. He has coached the Bears in the Youth Football League, Cardinals in the Shamokin Youth Basketball League and the Anthracite Miners Little League. He has been a PIAA basketball official for 27 years.

Griffiths is married to the former Kayleen Bamford. "We have five children. Seeing I do not like to use the word 'stepchild,' our children are Kiera Griffiths, a seventh-grade honor student at Shamokin Area, Michael Bamford, a college student at Brooks Institute in Oxnard, Calif., MaryAnn Bramhall and our angels, daughter and son, Nicole Bramhall and Eddie Griffiths."

He is a son of Edwin and Puanani Griffiths and Paul and Kay Colleran, a son-in-law of Nancy Bamford and grandson of Betty Pandie. He has a very special aunt and uncle, Mary and Lenny Faust.