WILLIAMSPORT - A motion filed on behalf of the parents of a Line Mountain seventh-grader who have fought in court to keep their daughter in the district's all-male wrestling program asks that a federal judge award a combined $140,681.89 in legal fees.

A 170-page legal filing was made Monday by attorneys for Brian and Angie Beattie asking that $85,227.50 in fees and $1,198 in costs be paid to the Flaster/Greenberg law firm and $53,918 and $338.11 to the Women's Law Project.

Audriana Beattie had wrestled for the district's elementary program, but last school year her parents were told of the district's gender-specific policy that would prevent her from competing on the junior-senior high levels.

The issue came to a head in April when the Beatties confronted the school board about the matter. With no resolution, they filed for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, citing equal rights discrimination violating both the state and federal constitution.

A federal judge granted both - a temporary order on Nov. 1 and the preliminary injunction on Jan. 13. The orders have allowed Beattie to continue wrestling with the district program until the case is resolved, either by settlement or by trial.

A case management conference is scheduled for Feb. 11 which would establish case deadlines. Should the matter go to trial, it wouldn't happen before December.