SUNBURY - Veterans in Northumberland County will receive some free services from row offices in the future.

During a brief meeting Tuesday, Commissioners Stephen Bridy and Richard Shoch approved a motion to authorize the prothonotary, register of wills, clerk of orphan's court and coroner to provide a free certified copy of any death certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate or decree of divorce to "any disabled war veteran or member of the armed forces or their reserve components or the National Guard, or any war or armed conflict in which the United States has been, is now or shall hereafter be engaged, or by or on behalf of any dependent of any such veteran."

Commissioner Vinny Clausi, who favors the motion, was unable to attend due to an out-of-town emergency.

The commissioners tabled a similar motion last month proposed by prothonotary Justin Dunkelberger for further study.

Dunkelberger said there are approximately 9,000 veterans in the county.

Bridy, who strongly supports the free services, previously said Montour County already provides free services to veterans for serving their country.

Bridy asked for a motion to approve the sale of 10.99 acres of vacant land off Route 225 across from Mountain View: A Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Coal Township to Adrian Nestico at the appraised price of $26,000. The land is currently owned by Northumberland County Authority. Nestico also will be responsible for surveying and subdivision costs associated with the land transfer.

Shoch failed to second Bridy's motion because he said it was unnecessary for the county to grant its approval for the sale since the property is owned by the authority.

Bridy agreed the commissioners' approval isn't necessary, but called for the motion to be on the agenda so the sales of county or authority land are transparent to the public. The commissioner said getting any county or authority property on the tax rolls is important.

Both commissioners agreed to pay Core Power and Environment $11,486 for battery replacement for the emergency power at the county 911 center.

A 2002 Ford step van was purchased for $3,699 for the commissioners' office from the county weatherization department. The commissioners submitted the only bid for the van.

The board entered into a contract with David Zielinskie for the construction and erection of five signs at county senior centers at a cost of $3,975.

Commissioners also agreed to enter into a contract with Northumberland County Career and Technology Center culinary arts teacher James Schiavoni to provide cooking lessons to seniors at the action centers. The contract calls for Schiavoni to receive $30 per hour but not more than $1,650 total.