TREVORTON - Zerbe Township may be home to the area's newest farmers market.

Angela Wilkinson, representing the Zerbe Township Recreation Committee, asked for permission at Monday night's township meeting to begin hosting the market.

Supervisors Michael Schwartz, Michael Mazer and Gene Geise were enthusiastic about the proposition, and voted unanimously to permit the project to go forward.

"It's a great idea," said Schwartz.

Wilkinson said she is unsure of when the project would begin, because the recreation committee is still in the planning stages.

The committee recently finished several of its projects at the Trevorton Foundry. New tennis courts and a sand volleyball court are now open and ready for use.

Wilkinson, further discussing the projects Tuesday, said the committee researched volleyball courts extensively prior to building it to ensure longevity. As a result of the research, the committee installed a drainage system beneath the court before spreading 316 tons of sand on top. The committee has almost completed a pickleball court, but is awaiting a paint delivery. Pickleball is a badminton-like sport where competitors strike a hollow, holed ball across a netted court using a paddle.

The new court will take the place of the old basketball court that sits between the old pool house and Route 890.

The recreation committee has also worked at ensuring the public bathrooms are unlocked during the day. The bathrooms were locked after numerous acts of vandalism. Wilkinson said vandals destroyed the insides of the bathrooms, even going so far as to smash the sinks.

The recreation committee now unlocks the bathroom doors each morning at 7:30 a.m. and locks them again around sunset. Wilkinson said each of the seven members takes turns with the duty, and on her days, she didn't lock them until after 9 p.m. because people were using the recreation area.

"If there are people playing, we'll just let them play and come back," said Wilkinson.

She said cameras have also been installed to catch vandals.

The door to the ladies' bathroom had been damaged previously, and the township repaired it.

The township is also contributing to making the facilities more accessible to people with disabilities; the work includes adding wheelchair ramps.

When leftover cement becomes available from the sewer plant project, it is used for many of these projects, said Wilkinson. Several framed areas are already ready for the next batch of concrete.

A grand opening of the new facilities is being planned on a day to be announced.

Other business

Supervisors passed a motion to approve a National Night Out event from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 5 at the Foundry.

A draft of an ordinance regarding garbage and other refuse on township properties was prepared and delivered to the supervisors by township solicitor Roger Wiest. They targeted the September meeting for a vote, and the ordinance will be displayed publicly following the August meeting.

A contract with AQUA Pennsylvania, which had been tabled while Wiest negotiated the removal of a clause that permitted terminating client services following non-payment of bills, was passed with no alterations to the original paperwork.