Shane A. Bower, 224 S. Ninth St., Trevorton, from Miranda E. Bower, 154 Lower Patch Road, Coal Township. Married May 13, 2006.

Jeffrey Lee Derr, 1542 W. Walnut St., Coal Township, from Beth Ann Derr, 1320 W. Gowen St., Coal Township. Married Sept. 22, 1990.

Kathleen Ann Hancock, 1237 W. Nelson St., Coal Township, from Ray McKinley Hancock Jr., 550 N. Market St., Apt. A2, Shamokin. Married June 22, 1982.

Rebecca Manhart, 601 Chestnut St., Kulpmont, from Leroy Manhart, 475 High Road, Ashland. No marriage date available.

Charles E. Matusheski, 311 Windy Acres Drive, Middleburg, from Kathleen R. Matusheski, 140 E. Spruce St., Apt. R, Selinsgrove. Married Sept. 3, 1988.

Melvin P. Miller Jr., 17 Coal St., P.O. Box 133, Llewellyn, from Tammie S. Miller, 335 Susquehanna St., Trevorton. Married June 26, 1993.

Alan L. Mutschler, 914 E. Commerce St., Shamokin, from Crystal Mutschler, 124 E. Chestnut St., Shamokin. Married Dec. 17, 2002.

Tammy Ososkie, 1724 W. Chestnut St., Coal Township, from Edward Ososkie, 909 W. Walnut St., Coal Township. Married Aug. 2, 2003.

Gary L. Smith from Carolyn K. Smith, both of 641 Queen St., Northumberland. Married March 30, 1963.

Michelle Ann Switzer from Daniel Delmar Switzer, both of 223 Wild Turkey Road, Sunbury. Married May 13, 1989.

Troy M. Foresman, 90 Foresman Lane, Muncy, from Pamela J. Foresman, 10 Gap Road, Allenwood. Married May 16, 1992.

Marriage licenses

Richard Lee Foulds, 2523 Captain Bloom Road, Sunbury, to Bernadette P. Beecroft, 211 E. Dewart St., Shamokin.

Jordan J. Eby, 517 Kulp Ave., Coal Township, to Kirsten L. Chappel, 114 N. Poplar St., Coal Township.

Brian Michael Yeager, 4061 Muncy Exchange Road, Muncy, to Karen L. Kovaschetz, 99 Catawissa Ave., Sunbury.

Cody Saun Kratzer, 118 S. 10th St., Sunbury, to Kalyn Rachel Barber, 761 Skunk Hollow Road, Mifflinburg.

Kevin W. Wormald to Sonja R. Haig, both of 1714 State Route 890, Paxinos.

Rafael Cameron to Lawra R. Ponce, both of 527 Race St., Sunbury.

Property transfers

Emily M. Parker to Aleksander Kolovic, property in Shamokin, $54,000.

Warren H. Barnes to JP Restoration, John P. Ferrari, property in Kulpmont, $1,000.

Ned C. and Debra A. Hartman to Ned C. and Debra A. Hartman, property in Shamokin Township, $1.

Stephen G. Wasko estate, aka Stephen Vasko, David Roginskie, administrator, to George Marshalek, property in Shamokin, $2,000.

Darlene K. Bogetti, Darlene K. and Stephen J. Hill to Stephen J. and Darlene K. Hill, property in Marion Heights, $1.

Joseph K. Schoppy to Northeast Apartments LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $10,000.

James J. Bressi to Debra A. Miller, property in Mount Carmel, $10,000.

Susquehanna Bank to Apartments and Acquisitions LP, property in Mount Carmel, $9,000.

Nancy Prinz, executrix, Nancy L. Wondoloski to Apartments and Acquisitions LP, property in Coal Township, $13,000.

Kathryn Marena, by agent, Heather Makal, agent, to William Feese, property in Shamokin, $6,000.

Anna Polites to Equity Trust Co., custodian, Dennis Brubaker and Gerald Stauffer, by custodian, property in Mount Carmel, $4,200.

Kelly L. Haupt, Kelly L. and Mark I. Harris to Mark I. and Kelly L. Harris, property in East Cameron Township, $1.

Christian M. and Crystal M. Lamont to Michael D. and Nichole L. Barvitskie, property in Coal Township, $93,665.

Debra A. and Ronald E. McIntyre Jr. to Joel A. McIntyre, property in West Cameron Township, $1.

Chester W. Collier estate, Loralee J. Foura and Linette Sassani, executrixes, to Ryan and Heather Libby, property in East Cameron Township, $25,000.

Gloria R. and Frederick P. Holmes to 101 W. Girard Inc., property in Mount Carmel Township, $1.

Darrell R. Evans to Darrell R. Evans and Andrea R. Evans, property in Jackson Township, $1.

Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association), by agent, KML Law Group, agent, to Patricia M. Eakin, Ronald E. Whitehorne, property in Sunbury, $35,000.

Jennifer Andino to Paul and Elizabeth A. McNutt, property in Zerbe Township, $16,000.

Gladys J. Comfort estate, Joyce Kerstetter and Dennis Comfort, executors, to George E. and Melissa G. Portzline, property in Rockefeller Township, $1.

I Quadrant Properties LLC to Thomas H. McDonald, property in Kulpmont, $62,000.

John H. and Louise K. Fetterman to John P. Marinari, property in Ralpho Township, $177,000.

Philip J. Kemberling to Philip J. Kemberling, property in Rush Township, $1.

Kelly D. Hepner estate, Thomas R. Markowski, executor, to David F. and Dyan M. Petrovich, property in Coal Township, $8,000.

Margaret Ann Chapel Purcell and Michael T., Margaret S., George H., Hyon O., Richard J. and Evelyn B. Chapel to Richard J. Chapel, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Maureen J. Kuzo and Maureen J. Herman to William J. Kuzo, property in Mount Carmel Township, $77,500.

Ralph E. Houser estate, Shirley M. Houser, Duane A. Houser, administrator, to Peter A. Kauwell, property in Lower Augusta Township, $125,000.

Leona I. Vlock to Jefferey A. Vlock, property in Shamokin, $1.

Dennis M. and Grace M. Bender to Michael and Dawn M. Maher, property in Kulpmont, $150,000.

Robert F. and Bonita M. Politza to Meredith C. Lerch, property in Ralpho Township, $107,000.

Donald E. Kerestes to Kerestes Irrevocable Grantor Trust, by trustee, Donna M. Kerestes, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Richard G. O'Neal estate, Jill Gibson, administratrix, to Roberta L. and Kenneth M. Gammon, property in Shamokin, $12,800.

Keystone Masonry Inc. to Chadwick T. Moore, property in Coal Township, $1.

Janice Parker to Tracey Parker, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Susquehanna Bank to Northeast Apartments LLC, property in Kulpmont, $2,500.

C&R Cycles Inc. to Powerking Motorsports LLC, property in Kulpmont, $145,000.