Amy Adams, 41 S. Walnut St., Mount Carmel, from Calvin J. Adams, 858 Pine St., Kulpmont. Married July 6, 1996.

Dwight D. Adams, 1297 Turkey Valley Road, Herndon, from Amber L. Adams, 1047 Chestnut St., Apt. 2, Kulpmont. Married April 19, 2002.

Barry M. Attinger, 497 Bucky Lane, Northumberland, from Marjorie E. Attinger, 130 S. Front St., Apt. 208, Sunbury. Married Dec. 19, 1968.

Mark Becker, 1524 Hallowing Run Road, Sunbury, from Helen Becker, 111 Jackson Ave., Union, N.J. Married Aug. 12, 2006.

Connie Davis, 632 S. Front St., Sunbury, from Cagney D. Davis, 1336 S. Fourth St., Allentown. Married Aug. 4, 2011.

Jeremy D. Day, 636 Hepburn St., Milton, from Samantha A. Day, 6245 Paradise Road, Milton. Married July 26, 2008.

Kristy D. Groff from Ryan D. Groff, both of 1072 Pottsville St., Herndon. Married March 7, 1998.

Benjamin M. Haas, 373 Airport Road, Sunbury, from Tabitha A. Haas, 176 Debbie Drive, Drums. Married Sept. 10, 2005.

Donna Irizarry, 1656 W. Lynn St., Coal Township, from Christopher J. Irizarry, 545 Sixth St., Apt. 3, Ranshaw. Married July 10, 1999.

Susan J. Lazarski, 607 Shikelimo Lane, Apt. 5A, Lewisburg, from Kevin M. Lazarski, 122 Windsor Lane, Paxinos. Married Sept. 17, 1983.

Dana P. Carroll-Lucas from Charles J. Lucas IV, both of 336 Lindy Acres Road, Elysburg. Married Oct. 19, 1996.

Dennis T. McGinley Jr., 6705 Upper Road, Shamokin, from Jennifer L. McGinley, 25 13th St., Ashland. Married July 3, 2010.

Rachel L. Savidge from Shawn A. Savidge, both of 551 Epler Road, Northumberland. Married March 21, 1998.

Vern H. Smedley, 15 W. Mahoning St., Danville, from Judith Smedley, 11 S. Sutton Road, Streamwood, Ill. Married Jan. 16, 1998.

Stephanie Ulrich from Ryan Ulrich, both of 123 Spruce St., Sunbury. Married Sept. 30, 2006.

Martin John Wolfe, 327 Main St., Aristes, from Selena Marie Wolfe, 14 N. Locust St., Mount Carmel. Married July 2, 2011.

Marriage licenses

Thomas J. Siko to Nataya Anne Litwin, both of 422 N. Market St., Mount Carmel. Date issued Feb. 28, 2013.

Jonathan David Shutt, of 679 State Route 487, Elysburg, to Lindsay Ann Hutnick, of 1071 Pine St., Kulpmont. Date issued Feb. 28, 2013.

Brian J. Christiana and Jessica L. Coffey, both of 301 S. Diamond St., Shamokin. Date issued Feb. 28, 2013.

Joshua Latif Notestine and Meredith Ann Brady, both of 215 N. Shamokin St., Shamokin. Date to be issued March 4.

Property transfers

Andrew L. Tomafsky to Clyde Beardsworth and Joanne Beardsworth, property in Rockefeller Township, $43,000.

Sukhjinder Kaur and Pirtpal Singh to Justin Singh Bobarai, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Joyce A. Little to ISCA Enterprises Inc., property in Kulpmont, $5,000.

Anna Pita estate and Darlis Madden (executrix) to Jason P. Cryts and Dori-Ann Cryts, property in Coal Township, $4,000.

Edward T. Shebelski to Mildred P. Mikulski, property in Mount Carmel, $11,800.

Dana Betz aka Dana Fuller, Donald J. Betz Jr. and Sharon Betz to Dana Fuller, property in Mount Carmel Township, $1.

Ji Yang to Fen Fang Lin, property in Mount Carmel, $9,000.

Ricky E. Walter and Marcella J. Walter to Marcella J. Walter, property in Coal Township, $1.

Yogi's World LLC to Walter Gruszewski and Marijah Gruszewski, property in Shamokin, $2,200.

Daniel Ozlanski, Carol Ann Ozlanski and Mary Louise Calleri to Carol Ann Ozlanski, property in Mount Carmel. $1.

John A. Woodruff to Gary L. Woodruff, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Martin P. Mariano and Beverly A. Mariano to Bryan T. Levan and Susan L. Levan, property in Kulpmont, $35,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (by agent) and Homeward Residential Inc. (agent) to Kevin M. Atkins, property in Mount Carmel, $20,000.

Eleanor Topolski, Eleanor Koproski and Chester Koproski to Chester Koproski and Eleanor Koproski, property in Rockefeller Township, $1.

Vernon R. Horsfield Jr. and Maryann E. Horsfield to Mark Jackson and Thelma Amarose, property in Mount Carmel, $12,000.

Reynold J. Bishop and Cynthia K. Bishop to Bishop Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust (by trustee), Reynold J. Bishop (trustee) and Cynthia K. Bishop (trustee), property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Casimir L. Brezgel Revocable Living Trust (by trustee), Joan M. Brezgel Revocable Living Trust (by trustee), Casimir L. Brezgel (trustee) and Joan M. Brezgel (trustee) to Brezgel Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust (by trustee), Casimir L. Brezgel (trustee) and Joan M. Brezgel (trustee), three properties in Jackson Township, $1 each.

Carol D. Wolfgang to Daniel R. Wolfgang, property in Marion Heights, $1.

Christopher C. Herb, Kelly A. Barkafski and Kelly A. Herb to Christopher C. Herb and Kelly A. Herb, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Ryan N. Bordner, Kim R. Bordner and Lois E. Bordner to Donald C. Beck Jr., property in Lower Augusta Township, $167.000.

Kenneth A. Bahner and Hilda J. Bahner to Kenneth A. Bahner and Hilda J. Bahner, property in Lower Mahanoy Township, $1.

Kenneth A. Bahner and Hilda J. Bahner to Steven L. Bahner, property in Lower Mahanoy Township.

Citimortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property in Coal Township, $1.

Frantz R. Sigafoos estate and Gloria R. Sigafoos (executrix) to Gloria R. Sigafoos, property in Zerbe Township, $1.

John P. Scholl Jr. and Andrea T. Scholl to Stonington Redroof LLC, property in Coal Township, $29,000.

Todd A. Bendas to Joseph Weikel, property in Coal Township, $5,000.

Craig Scicchitano and Alicia Scicchitano, aka Alicia Britton, to Craig J. Scicchitano and Alicia M. Scicchitano, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Charles A. Lutz Jr., David J. Lutz and Amanda Britton to Dean E. Forney, property in Zerbe Township, $1.

Donald N. Hildenbrand and Joan M. Hildenbrand to Terry Spalti and Elisa Spalti, property in Mount Carmel, $42,500.

Robert L. Snyder to Robert L. Snyder, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Justin R. Long and Stacy A. Long to Kenneth C. Yeager Jr., property in West Cameron Township, $1.

Robert J. Gresavage Sr., Susan L. Gresavage, James Gresavage Jr. and L. Nancy Gresavage to James Gresavage Jr. and L. Nancy Gresavage, property in Jordan Township, $1.

Thomas Rowe to Coal Region Properties LLC, property in Shamokin, $9,000.

Katherine M. Jaeger, Katherine W. De Silva and Santhusht Srilal De Silva to Randall A. Rushton and Cynthia L. Rushton, property in East Cameron Township, $178,500.

Carol J. Landau estate and Mary C. Durham (executrix) to Mary C. Durham, property in Shamokin, $1.