Timothy E. Foust, 11 Pine Ave., Elysburg, from Roxanne Foust, 1807 W. Independence St., Coal Township. Married May 3, 1986.

Jack R. Steinbach, 1110 Sunset Drive, Milton, from Joan D. Steinbach, 380 Hullcrest Blvd., Muncy. Married Dec. 17, 2005.

Brian M. Heddings, 125 Broadway St., Milton, from Stephanie M. Heddings, 106 Meade Drive, Paxinos. Married Aug. 23, 2003.


Jesse Shane Evens to Rochelle Marie Eckroth, both of 135 Herndon Road, Herndon. Issued March 23, 2013.

Michael A. Phillips Sr. to Ashley Elizabeth Bingaman, both of 32 Sherman St., Coal Township. To be issued March 25, 2013.

Benjamin D. Snyder to Jessica L. Strohecker, both of 350 Jackson Township Road, Herndon. To be issued March 25, 2013.

Property transfers

Laurie Ann Johnston, Laurie A. Hoy and Ricky L. Hoy Sr. to Ricky L. Hoy Sr. and Laurie A. Hoy, property in Jackson Township, $1.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Pennsylvania, Jesse Lee Volinski and Misty L. Volinski to Thomas A. Griffith, property in Shamokin, $15,000.

Stephen M. Winkelman and Jennifer M. Winkelman to Stephen M. Winkelman and Jennifer M. Winkelman, property in Kulpmont, $1.

Ray D. Rothermel and Marlene Rothermel to Marlene Rothermel, property in East Cameron Township, $1.

Marlene Rothermel to Lisa Karlovich, property in East Cameron Township, $1.

Robert L. Hovanes to Steven R. Delbo, property in Mount Carmel Township, $3,500.

Springfield Financial Services of Pennsylvania Inc. and American Consumer Discount Company to CR Capital Group LLC., property in Mount Carmel, $5,500.

Gary N. Derr and Rose Ann Derr to Angela Clark, property in Shamokin, $6,000.

Faye Ann Stank, Faye Ann Anson and Vincent P. Anson to Keith T. Horn and Sarah L. Horn, property in Shamokin, $14,000.

Robert G. Herring, Dorothy L. Herring, Randall G. Herring, Mary E. Herring, Richard G. Herring, Patricia A. Herring, Renelle G. Wetzel and William L. Wetzel II to Leslie R. Wetzel, property in Ralpho Township, $110,000.

Joseph R. Fellencer and John Fellencer to Edward Searls, property in Shamokin, $18,000.

Craig Woodley and Deborah A. Woodley to Drisauna M. Falk, property in Shamokin, $1.

Laurabelle G. Knarr (estate) and Gary L. Knarr (administrator) to Gary L. Knarr and Ruth S. Knarr, property in West Cameron Township, $1.

Lawrence J. Cinelli and Dennis W. Zarick to Isca Enterprises Inc., property in Kulpmont, $1.

Shirley L. Vacca, George Vacca Jr. and Margaret A. Vacca to Shirley L. Vacca and Lorraine Glover, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Jerry Peters and Christine Peters to Michael Straub, property in Mount Carmel, $3,900.

Ethel L. Herb to Mark D. Paul, property in Upper Augusta Township, $162,500.

Jimmy Figueroa and Perry Dale Carnahan to Samuel Fleming Jr., property in Shamokin, $1.

Charles S. Mann Jr. and Karen McGinley to David Langton, property in Mount Carmel, $18,000.

Kenneth Crowl Inc. to York-Adams Transportation Authority, property in Ralpho Township, $230,000.

BWH Properties LLC to Robert Matthew, property in Mount Carmel, $2,651.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (by agent) and Susan Long (agent) to Randy Probst, property in Coal Township, $6,050.

Joseph A. Meyer and Rosanne Meyer to Terry J. Meyer, property in Kulpmont, $1.