Marriage licenses

Matthew Paul Carpenter, of 5290 Upper Road, Shamokin, to Michelle Lyn Carey, of 171 Bates Road, Shamokin. Issued Thursday.

Robert Mario Bush, of 509 W. Saylor St., Atlas, to Megan Lindsey Allen, of 144 Second St., Strong. Issued Thursday.

Ronald Lamar Shipe to Vanessa Bucher, both of 742 W. Coal St., Trevorton. Issued Thursday.

Scott A. Bowers Sr. to Ann M. Wendling, both of 349 E. Shamokin St., Trevorton. Issued Thursday.

Thomas Karlovich, of 182 Picketts Drive, Sunbury, to Sandra M. Bogart, of 466 Lindy Acre Road, Elysburg. Issued Thursday.

Ian Hunter Lewis, of 233 Penn Ave., Elysburg, to Kaitlyn Ashley Schultz, of 103 Quarry Drive, Catawissa. Issued Thursday.

Christopher Ryan Exley to Taylor Nicole Hacker, both of 104 W. Seventh St., Mount Carmel. Issued Friday.

Daniel J. Ruskuski Sr. to Janice Ann Whalen, of 234 W. Independence St., Shamokin. Issued Friday.

Brian Randy Brosius to Heather M. Wetzel, both of 571 Roadarmel Lane, Paxinos. Issued Saturday.

Nicholas Anthony DeSantis, of 322 Avenue A, Danville, to Brittany Elise Baumert, of 170 Schwaben Creek Road, Dornsife. To be issued Monday.

Jesse Paul Whary to Teresa Lynne Blue, both of 215 S. Franklin St., Shamokin. To be issued Monday.

Blake Colby Riehl to Amanda Leigh Fremlin, both of 401 E. Shamokin St., Trevorton. To be issued Monday.

Property transfers

Theresa M. Lucas to Richard A. Waugh, property in Shamokin, $20,000.

Vinny Clausi to Talia M. Stello and Joseph E. Tarr, property in Coal Township, $5,000.

Henry Pakosky (estate) and William T. Yarnell (executor) to Steven E. Roshon, property in Mount Carmel Township, $25,000.

Boyer Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust (by trustee) and Michael Boyer (trustee) to Boyer Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust (by trustee), Edward L. Boyer, Linda S. Boyer and Michael R. Boyer, property in Upper Mahanoy Township, $1.

Terry A. Reed Jr. and Jodi L. Reed to Jodi L. Reed and June A. Wiest, property in Coal Township, $1.

Deborah Robins to Shamokin City, property in Shamokin, $6,850.

Donald J. Benner II and Yohara C. Benner to Michael F. Stoltzfus and Emma J. Stoltzfus, property in Rockefeller Township, $290,000.

Way LLC to Linzy LLC, property in Upper Augusta Township, $1.

Francis Devizia to Ceraso Family Partnership III LLC, property in Shamokin, $6,000.

William H. Azbell, Naomi R. Yabronski and Naomi R. Azbell to William H. Azbell, property in Coal Township, $1.

Robert W. Rovito, Elizabeth Rovito, Sharon L. Culton, Kenneth Culton, Michael W. Rovito, Debra Rovito, Dino W. Rovito and Guadalupe Rovito to Megan Homer, property in Shamokin, $34,500.

Kathleen Korbich and William J. Klemick to JNJ Investment Properties, property in Shamokin, $30,000.

Dustin L. Billig, Donald L. Billig Jr. and Janice M. Billig to Donald L. Billig Jr. and Janice M. Billig, property in West Cameron Township, $1.

Mary J. Baigis (by agent) and Martha B. Greco (agent) to Daniel J. Glowatski, property in Mount Carmel, $22,000.

Diane L. Pulaski, Gregory Pulaski, Janet E. Hanna, George Hanna, John E. Miller II and Eileen Miller to Diane L. Pulaski and Gregory Pulaski, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Albert E. Kieski to Albert E. Kieski, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Kimberly A. Winnick, Kimberly A. Winnick-Zetts and Gary Zetts to Duane Yentsch and Valentina Yentsch, property in Mount Carmel Township, $1.

Olga Elizabeth Pachoski to William D. Henry and William J. Maher, property in Kulpmont, $60,000.

Ronald E. Ryan and Joan A. Ryan to Jennifer Shannon, property in Kulpmont, $39,000.

Twlight Beginnings, Elizabeth J. Cicchiello and Joseph A. Cicchiello to Twilight Beginnings, property in Kulpmont, $36,000.

Northumberland County Sheriff and Carolyn R. Schu to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, property in Mount Carmel, $1,232.67.

William Stellar and Erin Stellar to Amanda Ritzman, property in Kulpmont, $95,000.

Vivian M. Miller to Dale H. Plummer and Deborah A. Plummer, property in Upper Augusta Township, $146,500.

Roxann Kodack and Dennis Kodack to Shamokin City, property in Shamokin, $9,150.

Michael S. Bernatowicz (individually and trustee) and Philip J. Bernatowicz Trust (by trustee) to Michael S. Bernatowicz, property in Mount Carmel, $5,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to PF I LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $2,500.

Francis Devizia to Jeewan Lall Jaikeran and Renee Jaikeran, property in Shamokin, $1,300.

John R. Facer (individually and trustee) and Amended and Restated Recovable Living Trust of James R. Jones to Richard Dobeck, property in Mount Carmel, $53,000.

Ida M. Makowski to Shamokin City, property in Shamokin, $9,420.

Ronald John Barcavage and Elmira Ruth Barcavage to Shamokin City, property in Shamokin, $20,500.

Renea C. Kennedy to Russel N. Burd and Doris I. Burd, property in Shamokin, $1.

John J. Tokar, Deborah A. Rowcotsky and Sandra J. Chambers to Elizabeth Sweely, property in Ralpho Township, $116,400.

Rita Nisanalioglu to John Yost and Patricia A. Yost, property in Coal Township, $28,000.

Timothy A. Campbell and Tina M. Campbell to Kenny Diep and Jennifer Elizabeth Light Diep, property in Upper Augusta Township, $299,000.

Heartland Village Inc. to Homes For Our Troops Inc., property in Ralpho Township, $62,500.

Judy F. Delvecchio (estate) and Rosemary Hoffman (executrix) to Quentin F. Feitner and Virginia H. Feitner, property in Shamokin, $170,000.

Nettie L. Johns to Shamokin City, property in Shamokin, $500.

James W. Snyder Jr. and Lori A. Snyder to Shamokin City, property in Shamokin, $500.

Mary E. Straub and Judith Landi to Mary Straub, property in Shamokin, $1.