Marriage licenses

Fard Karriem to Melinda J. Hassinger, both of 930 Chestnut St., P.O. Box 1, Shamokin. Issued Friday.

Randy Allen Swavely, 819 W. Sixth St., Mount Carmel, to Diane E. Sala, 312 W. Fourth St., Mount Carmel. Issued Friday.

Brent J. Tharp to Sarah E. Shuder, both of 281 Archery Club Road, Sunbury. To be issued Monday.


Maria Del Pilar Gonzalez, 202 W. Snyder St., Selinsgrove, from Jose Manuel Arango, P.O. Box 019001, Atwater, Calif. Married July 6, 2001.

Brian J. Burke, 1130 Tharp St., Coal Township, from Christine L. Burke, 33 Spring St., Tremont. Married Aug. 31, 2002.

Hannah Elisabeth Derr, 119 Chestnut St., Sunbury, from Richardson Rosius, New Jersey. Married Oct. 5, 2002.

Patricia M. Faust, 562 Locust St., Northumberland, from Michael B. Faust, 23 Sun Valley Drive, Sunbury. Married April 6, 2002.

John B. Harris Jr., 2794 Ridge Road, Northumberland, from Kimberly E. Harris, 501 Water St., Northumberland. Married Sept. 9, 2000.

Joan Marie Herrold, 1483 Hosta Road, Paxinos, from Jeffrey Herrold, 809 N. Sixth St., Sunbury. Married Sept. 14, 1998.

Barbara A. Hause, 111 Walnut St., Milton, from Richard E. Hause, 347 Wall St., Milton. Married Dec. 2, 1972.

Carol A. Kerstetter from Duane K. Kerstetter, both of 357 Clemens Drive, Milton. Married Dec. 1, 1986.

Mindy L. Klinger, 530 Radel Road, Dalmatia, from Chris C. Klinger, 268 River Road, Dalmatia. Married June 2, 2007.

Elaine Klingler, 511 Broadway Estates, Turbotville, from Jackson Klingler, 1435 Church Road, Watsontown. Married Feb. 27, 1988.

Roger H. Long II, 179 Penn Ave., Elysburg, from Nina R. Wright, 728 Oak St., Kulpmont. Married Feb. 14, 2001.

Holly Noel Lynott from Thomas Joseph Lynott, both of 340 W. Seventh St., Mount Carmel. Married Sept. 21, 1989.

John Motyka, 619 Scott St., Kulpmont, from Amanda Motyka, 403 Pine Swamp Road, Catawissa. Married Aug. 20, 2011.

Marilyn M. Kline-Perna, 708 Priestly Townhouse Court, Northumberland, from Daniel M. Perna, 493 King St., Northumberland. Married May 31, 1991.

Marcus A. Porter, 3535 State Route 890, Sunbury, from Angela A. Porter, 326 Chillisquaque St., Montandon. Married Sept. 17, 1994.

Ronda M. Seger, 921 W. Mulberry St., Coal Township, from Job E. Seger Jr., 934 W. Willow St., Coal Township. Married May 4, 1990.

John D. Seiler Jr., 1236 W. Walnut St., Coal Township, from Susan D. Seiler, 1238 W. Walnut St., Coal Township. Married July 29, 2000.

Bethel Shambach, 126 1/2 N. Sixth St., Sunbury, from William Shambach, 304 Orange St., Northumberland. Married Nov. 20, 1970.

Jennifer L. Smith, 66 Orange St., Northumberland, from Kenneth L. Smith, 108 Queen St., Northumberland. Married June 9, 1990.

Stanley A. Stefanski, 1332 Fulton St., Harrisburg, from Joanne Stefanski, 315 E. Saylor St., Atlas. Married July 22, 1972.

Property transfers

Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau and Hector Sola to Debra and Thomas Heim, two properties in Shamokin, $200 each.

Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau and Franklin I. and Joy A. Bartholomew to James Quick, property in Shamokin, $100.

Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau and Jeffrey L. Deppen to BWH Properties LLC, property in Shamokin, $255.

Jarrett S. and Tricia M. Heitzman and Tricia M. Higgins to Jarrett S. and Tricia M. Heitzman, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Mary J. and Lewis C. Snyder and Patricia A. Shutt to Catherine R. and David S. Fantini, property in Mount Carmel, $8,500.

Mary Kuzo estate, Maureen and William Kuzo, executors, to Corey Kent, property in Mount Carmel Township, $100,000.

Susan M. and Michael D. Fluck to Marcus B. Fluck, property in Riverside, $1.

Troy A. and Olivia A. Zellers to Debora M. Bordner, property in Sunbury, $1.

Steven R. Sprenkle to Lee J. Jr. and Rachel G. Phillips, property in Jackson Township, $135,000.

BWH Properties LLC to KMC Advisors LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $3,550.

Thomas E. Jr. and Karen L. Newman to Thomas E. Jr. and Karen L. Newman, property in Little Mahanoy Township, $1.

Northumberland County Sheriff, Chad M. and Tinsle L. Betts and Tinsle L. Buck to Emily M. Kerstetter and Christopher J. Reis, property in Sunbury, $57,001.

James H. Steigerwalt estate, Suzanne L. Roshoe and Kenneth A. Steigerwalt, executors, to Joshua D. Derk and Shannon R. Brosious, property in Lower Augusta Township, $1.

Bernice A. Marshall estate, June L. Thomas, executrix, Edra C. Williams, executrix and individually, and Harry W. Williams Jr. and Michael A. and June L. Thomas to Edra C. and Harry W. Williams Jr., property in Sunbury, $1.

Brian D. and Melisa Lamberton to Jamey Shade, property in Riverside, $131,500.

Ronald M. and Terri A. Seiler to Ronald M. and Terri A. Seiler and Seiler Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust, property in Jordan Township, $1.

Patrick W. Madden to Joshua M. Kalinowski, property in Shamokin, $20,000.

Jeffrey L. and Debra L. Potteiger to Jeffrey L. Potteiger, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Frank R. Sabol estate, Frank R. Sabol Jr., executor, to Frank R. Jr. and Dawnette M. Sabol, property in Rush Township, $240,000.

Andrew C. and Sandra L. Moore to Jackson Township, property in Jackson Township, $67,700.

Alecia R. Malick, Diane C. Totten, Ray C. and Vicky E. Malick and April M. and James L. Brophy to Alecia R. Malick, property in Shamokin Township, $74,400.

Wendy Ross-Mahne and John Mahne to Ryan A. Boyer, property in Lower Augusta Township, $20,000.

Forrest William Jr. and Debra A. Shoop to Jerry K. and Joyce M. Troup, property in Upper Augusta Township, $93,802.

Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau, Virginia E. Bradigan and Helen Herb to Francis Devizia, property in Shamokin, $100.

Michael E. and Brenda L. Shevitski to Ralph M. Koch, property in Shamokin, $25,000.

Richard L. and Linda M. Hornberger to Joseph R. Hornberger, property in Coal Township, $1.

Peggy A. Updegrove to Anne R. and Thomas R. Poploskie, Amber M. and Thomas C. Einsig and Jeffrey R. and Julie A. Updegrove, properties in Ralpho and Shamokin townships, $1.

Joan M. Yost to Joan M. Yost, property in Riverside, $1.

Bernice A. Marshall estate, Edra C. Williams, executrix and individually, June L. Thomas, co-executrix and June L. Williams, Harry W. Williams Jr. and Michael A. Williams to June L. and Michael A. Thomas, property in Sunbury, $1.

Agnes L. Kerdock estate, Judith Gustus, executrix, to Du-Rite LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $13,000.

Kim A. Konyar to Jade D. Nelson and Ashley M. Smith, property in Zerbe Township, $69,000.

Randi M. and Sherrianne M. Cox to Aaron Adams, property in Ralpho Township, $100,000.

Philip R. Losiewicz, Jennifer M. Van Doren and Jennifer M. Losiewicz to Melissa L. Curran, property in Coal Township, $68,500.

Gordon P. Shuler, Debra A. and Michael W. Funkhouser and Margaret L. Foust to Gordon P. Shuler and Sandra M. Braden, property in Riverside, $1.

Richard P. Lesher to Terry E. Jeffries, property in Jordan Township, $21,000.

Nicholas J. Shebelsky estate, Robert A. Shebelsky, executor, to Sherri Clark Shebelsky, property in Coal Township, $1.

Nicholas J. Shebelsky estate, Robert A. Shebelsky, executor, to John A. and Melissa Marie Hovenstine, property in Coal Township, $150,000.

Ivy Grissell Venegas Mitidieri to BWH Properties LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $1,000.