Marriage licenses

Shane Austin Stiely, 1108 N. Shamokin St., Shamokin, to Katie Nicole Ziegler, 135 Harveys Road, Sunbury. Issued June 13.

Daniel Lee Parker, 1660 W. Chestnut St., Coal Township, to Patty Ann Long, 449 S. Harrison St., Shamokin. Issued June 13.

Frederick George Culp, 43 E. Sunbury St., Shamokin, to Frances Louise Brennan, 1017 N. Washington St., Shamokin. Issued June 14.

Keith Wesloskie to Shauna Lynn Usalis, both of 114 E. Columbia Avenue, Atlas. Issued June 11.


Susan K. Beck, 137 B Reagan St., Sunbury, from Craig Reichenbach, 228 Kratzer Road, Sunbury. Married Sept. 16, 1989.

Dale R. Hornberger from Lynda Hornberger, 530 Too Sharp Road, Muncy. Married Jan. 1, 1981.

Jennifer A. Straub, 240 Blacks Lane, West Cameron Township, from Alen Edward Straub III, 17 S. Shamokin St., Shamokin. Married Oct. 4, 2003.

Lindsay Nicole Reeder, 120 Fairmont Ave., Sunbury, from Kyle Evan Reeder, 420 N. 9th St., Sunbury. Married Aug. 29, 1999.

Property transfers

Matthew W. Bednar and Tracy L. Bednar to Tracy L. Bednar, property in Coal Township, $1.

Myroltone Daniel to Francis DeVizia, property in Shamokin, $2,500.

William J. Cavanaugh and Tina M. Cavanaugh to Lester Burgess and Julie Burgess, property in Mount Carmel, $35,000.

Joshua S. Kovaschetz and Jodell L. Kovaschetz to Joshua S. Kovaschetz, property in Upper Augusta Township, $1.

Philip L. Foltz and Angela S. Foltz to Wallace E. Seltzer Jr. and Jodi Seltzer, property in Rush Township, $53,000.

Rose Marie Latsha estate and Anthony T. Curran (administrator) to Kristen N. Karpinski and Cory R. Kowaleski, property in Ralpho Township, $50,000.

BWH Properties LLC to Kumar Ajnoha and Antonio Britton, property in Mount Carmel, $6,200.

James H. Steigerwalt estate, and co-executors Kenneth A. Steigerwalt and Suzanne L. Roshoe to Joshua D. Derk and Shannon R. Brosious, property in Lower Augusta Township, $1.

Joshua M. Wynn and Melissa Wynn to Shawn O'Neill, property in Shamokin, $65,000.

Roxanne M. Yurkiewicz to David Burroughs, property in Coal Township, $11,500.

Shamokin City to Shamokin City, property in Shamokin, $1,093.

Gary W. Poole and Patricia A. Poole to Jessica Poole, property in Rockefeller Township, no price.

Randolph H. Jackson and Kimberly D. Jackson to Kyle W. Gerber, property in Shamokin Township, $141,000.

Marian V. Faust to Cindy Brokenshire, property in Coal Township, $145,000.

Joseph III aka Joseph Melichercik and Mary T. aka Mary Melichercik to Mary T. Melichercik, properties in Shamokin Township, Mount Camrel Township and Northumberland, $1.

Ruth A. Greco, Beverly J. Yocum and Gregory Yocum to Patricia A. Harvey, property in Shamokin, $19,000.

David L. Ebersole and Dawn M. Ebersole to David L. Ebersole, property in Shamokin Township, $1.

Juanita Frye to Sheri L. Formwalt, Frances Mabus and Susan Krieger, property in Coal Township, $1.