Property transfers

Job E. Seger and M. Ramona Seger to Serena M. Greco, property in Coal Township, $1.

Michael J. Jaworski, Amy Jaworski and Amy Misunas to Amy Jaworski, property in Coal Township, $1.

Teri Jo Miller to Russell J. Henz and Aimee L. Henz, property in Coal Township, $89,266.

Dale B. Yost and Margaret Yost to Chandler A. Yeager, property in Coal Township, $60,000.

Julia Ann Deromedi to Shana A. McGinley, property in Mount Carmel Township, $17,000.

John A. Szverra and Carol A. Szverra to Charles P. Herrold and Staci L. Herrold, property in Shamokin, $27,000.

Suzanne Leffler to Mark G. Gulla, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Douglas J. Avellino to Douglas J. Avellino, two properties in Marion Heights, $1 each.

Wendy Pilkus, Wendy Shirvinski and Joseph Shirvinski Jr. to Jason L. Zimmerman and Erin L. Zimmerman, property in Ralpho Township, $120,000.

Ruth Y. Steinhart (executrix) and Yvonne L. Steinhart estate to Ruth Y. Steinhart, property in Ralpho Township, $44,280.

Dale A. Whitenight and Kathleen F. Whitenight to Bryan D. Cotner, property in Rush Township, $1.

Phyllis Sikorski to Jessica A. Schooley, property in Kulpmont, $50,000.

Elizabeth Rost to Elizabeth Rost and Lewis E. Salada III, property in Jackson Township, $1.

Northumberland County Sheriff's Office, Joseph A. Tumolo and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, property in Shamokin, $1,231.38.

William P. Toy Jr. and Martha I. Toy to William P. Toy III, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Colleen A. Klaus to Thomas M. Breslin, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Lisa Marie Angelo, William M. Angelo, Jennifer Victoria Reilley and Jennifer Victoria Jevelle to Lisa Marie Angelo and Jennifer Victoria Jevelle, property in Kulpmont, $1.

Maria Nigido to James R. Oakum Jr. and Jacqueline E. Oakum, property in Coal Township, $1.

Roxane Leaveck (executrix) and Gloria P. Leaveck estate to Thomas I. Leaveck, property in Kulpmont, $1.

Thomas I. Leaveck to Thomas I. Leaveck and Roxane Leaveck, property in Kulpmont, $1.

Karen A. Bostian and Orville G. Kline to Stonington Redroof LLC, property in Shamokin Township, $60,000.

Joseph F. Jurewicz and Tonya K. Jurewicz to Randi M. Cox and Sherrianne Cox, property in Shamokin Township, $230,000.

Northumberland County Sheriff's Office and Richard C. Kerstetter to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, property in Coal Township, $2,202.79.

Northumberland County Sheriff's Office, Donna M. Schaeffer and Harold A. Schaeffer to Federal National Mortgage Association, property in Shamokin, $1,761.35.

Northumberland County Sheriff's Office, Melvin P. Miller aka Melvin P. Miller Jr. and Tammie S. Miller to Bank of America, property in Zerbe Township, $1,104.68.

Joseph Wagner and Andria Zaia to John Wagner, David Lauer and Thomas V. Wagner, property in Coal Township, $1.

Wilbert D. Francola and Joyce L. Francola to Gary S. Waldron and Deborah A. Waldron, property in East Cameron Township, $95,000.

James F. Boyer and Sonja L. Acker to Wilbert D. Francola and Joyce L. Francola, property in Shamokin, $1.