Marriage licenses

Josh R. Sulham to Kimberly Lee Blum, both of 15 N. Hickory St., Mount Carmel. Issued Dec. 29, 2012.

Ryan P. Shay to Ashley Crystal Smith, both of 5483 Snydertown Road, Paxinos. Issued Dec. 29, 2012.

Property transfers

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (by agent) and Daniel A. McGovern (agent) to Eric J. Oldenburg and Rhonda Lee Oldenburg, property in Upper Mahanoy Township, $30,500.

BWH Properties LLC to Munish Mahabir, property in Shamokin, $3,250.

Kermit W. Witmer and Lorraine A. Witmer to Kane K. Witmer and Jacqualyn K. Bonawitz, property in Lower Mahanoy Township, $1.

Kermit W. Witmer and Lorraine A. Witmer to Pig Ventures LP, property in Lower Mahanoy Township, $1.

Stacy M. Snyder and Judith L. Snyder to Stacy M. Snyder and Judith L. Snyder, property in Upper Mahanoy Township, $1.

Helen L. Ammerman Cardell and David R. Cardell to Tracey L. Heath, property in Shamokin Township, $1.

Regency Finance Company to Ramon S. Pereiro, property in Kulpmont, $11,000.

Paul C. Kauffman and Bonita J. Kauffman to Carol A. Hausknecht, property in Upper Augusta Township, $102,000.

Robert E. Forse, Lana K. Forse and Cathy A. Sorrell to Cathy A. Kratzer Sorrell, property in Jordan Township, $1.

Ryan N. Bordner, Kim R. Bordner and Lois E. Bordner to Charles A. Lutz Jr., property in Jackson Township, $115,000.

Karen Holz, Paul J. Krebs, Cindy Krebs, Debralee M. Schalles, Debralee M. Kulesza and Craig Kulesza to Michael P. Maschuck and Angela Maschuck, property in Coal Township, $135,000.

June F. Young and Karen J. Hoover and Colleen K. Heim, property in Upper Augusta Township, $1.

John J. Gross and Theresa J. Kraska-Gross to Johnathan M. Barnes and Ashley N. Barnes, property in Shamokin, $4,500.

John L. Kallaway to Thomas J. Hetrick and Cynthia A. Hetrick, property in Shamokin, $1.

Thomas J. Hetrick and Cynthia A. Hetrick to Northumberland County Council for the Arts and Humanities, property in Shamokin, $1.

Alden R. Herr to Robert D. Grego, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Sylvia Jakuc to Richard J. Jakuc, property in Kulpmont, $1.

Red Gold Enterprises Inc. to Shamokin City Housing Authority, property in Shamokin, $1.

Laura C. Kaseman (estate) and Lamar W. Yoder (executor) to Thomas A. Griffith, property in Shamokin, $14,000.

Mathlene L. Campbell, Mathlene L. Pappas and Dennis J. Campbell to Mathlene L. Campbell and Dennis J. Campbell, property in Shamokin $1.

Alfred E. Bailey and Barbara G. Bailey to Daniel A. Dowkus and Melissa G. Dowkus, property in Kulpmont, $1.

Raymond L. Keefer (estate), Terry R. Keefer (executor) and Raymond L. Keefer (executor) to Luther D. Haupt and Jennifer M. Haupt, property in East Cameron Township, $107,500.

Lawrence J. Bartol (by agent), Michelle Bartol (agent) and Anna Marie Bartol to Sofia Barak, property in Coal Township, $13,500.

Terry L. Smith and S. Susan Smith to Robert W. Thomas and Sandra J. Thomas, property in Shamokin Township, $1.

Daniel T. Williams and Valerie Mae Williams to Lamont M. Masser, Valissa C. Masser, Nolan L. Masser and Melinda D. Masser, property in Ralpho Township, $108,000.