Property transfers

Alice M. Hoffman to Donna M. Zyla, property in Ralpho Township, $93,000.

David S. Shoch, Mary Shoch, Richard J. Shoch and Paula M. Shoch to David S. Shoch, Richard J. Shoch and Mark E. Shoch, property in Upper Augusta Township, $1.

William R. Payne (estate) and Lisa L. Picarelli (executrix) to Charles F. Johns III and Marlene F. Johns, property in Shamokin, $10,000.

Dean C. Spicher and Giner D. Spicher to Andrew Moore and Sandra Moore, property in Rockefeller Township, $160,500.

James J. Bressi to Edward A. Schetroma and Ann Marie Schetroma, property in Shamokin, $5,300.

Henry J. Koldash and Rose M. Koldash to Jason M. Parker and Coryn L. Parker, property in Kulpmont, $48,000.

Dante P. Sholvin (executor) and John V. Shovlin Sr. (estate) to Brett Russell, property in Shamokin, $1.

Michael Gordner (estate), Terra Lynn Gornder, Kathy Starr (co-administrator) and Ronald Kovilaritch (co-administrator) to Michael J. Macaluso and Kristi Macaluso, property in Coal Township, $128,000.

Tommy Dean Heitzman and Bernice C. Heitzman to Tommy D. Heitzman Jr. and Kimberly Heitzman, property in Shamokin Township, $215,000.

Scott A. Kunkel and Sherry L. Kunkel to Dennis M. Kunkel and Sharon A. Kunkel, property in Lower Augusta Township, $102,103.07.

Paul B. Nye and Sandy Nye to Michael J. Bendas and Heather A. Scott, property in Shamokin, $71,974.

Mildred A. Dziadosz (estate), Andrew C. Dziadosz Jr. (individually and executor) and Barbara Snyder (executrix) to Thomas J. Kiefaber, property in Coal Township, $23,000.

Wanda A. Chesney (estate), Frank Chesney, Thomas Chesney and Cynthia Boyer to Frank Chesney, Thomas Chesney and Cynthia Boyer, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Ron J. Lentz (executor) and Chester H. Lentz (estate) to Dales Properties LLC, property in Shamokin, $16,500.

Charles F.S. Stamm and Norene H. Stamm to Norene H. Stamm, property in Riverside, $1.

Brenda Lee Long to Robert F. Long Jr., property in West Cameron Township, $1.

VP PA Residential LLC to Michael E. Ramos, property in Mount Carmel, $12,000.

John A. Szverra and Carol J. Szverra to Brian Kinn, property in Coal Township, $19,000.

Grand Teton LLC to Leonardo Jhoel, property in Shamokin, $810.

Eugene A. Welsh Jr. and Denise Welsh to Eugene A. Welsh III, property in Coal Township, $1.

Eugene A. Welsh Jr. and Denise L. Welsh to Kristy R. Renn, property in Coal Township, $1.

Janice Plum to Peter A. Plum III, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Theresa M. Sockoloski (estate), Edward C. Greco (executor), Deborah Wolfe and John Sockoloski to John D. Leshock, property in Coal Township, $15,700.

Prudentila Relocation Inc. to Stone Financing LLC, property in Rockefeller Township, $165,000.

James Boylan Jr. and Helene Boylan to Gary Hixson, property in Mount Carmel Township, $1.

Joan Marie Barvitskie and Victor John Barvitskie Sr. to Victor John Barvitskie Jr., property in Rockefeller Township, $1.

Louanne P. Walsh and Timothy D. Walsh to Timothy R. Walsh, property in Shamokin, $1.

Marriage licenses

Dale Kenneth Boyer and Cathy Ann Lauver.

Alex Benjamin Saul and Michelle Lynn Schodt.

Christopher Peter Collins and Janice L. Ahrens.

Matthew Wayne Fahnestock and Hannah Joy Ilgenfritz.