KULPMONT - Five landlords have yet to pay the borough's annual registration fee and have received $200 citations, code enforcement officer Russ Moroz told council members at their meeting Tuesday night.

The borough had sent a letter March 20 reminding landlords the fee was due March 1. The letter threatened to take action in five days, including issuing the fine, and it warned that 30 days in jail was possible.

However, the borough actually allowed two weeks before issuing the fines, Councilman Joseph Winhofer said.

Council voted last May to raise the landlord registration fee to $120 per unit, effective Jan. 1. After several landlords protested, saying the amount was exorbitant, council voted to postpone the effective date to March 1 while they reevaluated the fee. On Feb. 26, council voted to change the fee to $50 per unit, but kept the March 1 effective date.

Fees paid before the new system was agreed upon were kept in escrow.

Bill Henry, one of the delinquent landlords, complained at Tuesday's meeting that he hadn't received enough notice before being slapped with a $200 fine. But Henry said Wednesday a clerical error was made on his end.

Eagle Sign complaint

Sandy Ditchey, of Chestnut Street, raised concerns about the former Eagle Sign Company, which partially collapsed Feb. 21. Ditchey's father lives next to the property at 13th and Oak streets and said debris from the collapse has not yet been cleaned up.

"There has been debris in my father's yard for the past six weeks," she said.

Moroz said the building's owner, Thomas Valeiko, of Commack, N.Y., has hired a crew to remove metal from the building. Moroz said he will talk to Valeiko about cleaning up the debris.

New borough building

Robert Chesney once again implored council to take a hard look at the costs of constructing a 4,000-square-foot municipal building and a 5,000-foot borough garage on Fir Street. The plan is to move borough operations from the former Wilson Grade School to the new location.

"It was one year ago that I presented to council a petition from the citizens of Kulpmont that were opposed to the new building asking them to stop until all the findings were done, but it hasn't happened," Chesney said.

He implored council to be "extremely diligent" on the building and its costs.

There was no reaction from council members.

Street sweeper today

Services and facilities committee chair Nicholas Bozza said the street sweeper will be running on Chestnut Street from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. today and asked that no vehicles be parked on the street during that time.

"With the amount of dirt on the road, we may have to do two or three passes with the sweeper, so we are asking the people to be patient," Bozza said. "We will be ticketing any vehicle not moved as well."

Bozza also said there will be flyers in the borough office to help residents access a website where they can request more natural gas lines to be placed in the borough.

The borough's food surplus program will have a distribution from 8 a.m. to noon Thursday, April 17.