SHAMOKIN - Mark Carnuccio wasn't planning to return to Shamokin today. He was camping in Benton for the holiday weekend.

However, he quickly packed up his belongings and headed home after learning there was a $37,000 2014 Chevrolet Camaro waiting here for him.

Miss Pennsylvania Amanda Smith picked Carnuccio's ticket out of thousands in the drum, making him the winner of the car. His selection earned him the honor of serving as grand marshal for the 150th anniversary parade.

Anniversary committee chairman Bill Dudeck said Carnuccio, of South Franklin Street, took 10 tickets from the committee to sell, but then bought them himself, making a $100 contribution toward the parade.

"He is a great guy and a Fifth Warder to boot," Dudeck said. "I'm happy to hear he won."

The call first came to Carnuccio from his daughter, Katie Shiko, but he admitted he was skeptical at first. "I really thought they were playing a joke on me," Carnuccio said from behind the driver's seat.

"After I told him he won the car, his first words were 'shut up'," Shiko said.

Then Carnuccio got another call, and another, and another.

"That's when I realized it was for real, and I started packing up," he said.

When it came time for the parade, Carnuccio shared the ride with his wife Debbie and their two dogs, Ginger and Bella. The couple scrambled to get candy to hand out.

"This is a great day for Shamokin and we are happy to be a part of it," Carnuccio said.

When asked about his plans for the car, Carnuccio said he wasn't sure. He then joked, "It's not going to be mine anyway," as he pointed to his wife.