MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP - The loud booms heard in the Mount Carmel area from about 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. Tuesday were the result of someone shooting at exploding targets, authorities said Wednesday.

The target practice was taking place at the former police shooting range near Mount Carmel Estates on Mid Valley Mountain north of the borough.

According to a Facebook comment made late Tuesday night, an individual, Jason Bower, of Mount Carmel, claimed responsibility for the incident.

"IT WAS ME! GEEZ!," Bower wrote in response to a Facebook post about the loud noise. "I was at the shooting range at the top of the mountain! I had a really (expletive) day and didn't know the sound would carry as much. Some ppl get hammered after a bad day. Me? I like to shoot guns. My bad. It was out of Borough limits and I didn't think it'd be that bad..."

Township Police Chief Brian Hollenbush said his department served a search warrant Wednesday in the borough in relation to the incident, and it remains under investigation.

"One of our officers said he could feel the percussion from the explosions," Hollenbush said Wednesday. "It was ridiculous."

A number of people in the Mount Carmel area reported hearing the sounds, prompting various theories as to the cause, including a meth lab explosion and officers being shot.

Exploding targets, or reactive targets as they are called, consist of two inert components that, when mixed, blow up if impacted by a high-velocity projectile, such as a bullet fired from a gun.